Starship Geek Heaven.

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That site fucking sucks. The Death Star II was approximately 900 kilometers in diameter, not 160. And the Executor was 17.6 kilometers long, not 12.8.

Goddamn. Doesn’t anybody do research anymore?

This guy did – check out the cites for his measurements (which are conveniently located right next to his measurements.)

The figures he used apparently came from some early written materials that he considers “official.” The link he provides goes to a site where they try to figure out the size from observations in the movie and come up with your 900km size but it’s all still just guesswork.

I’m gonna have to counter your “fucking sucks” rating with an “it rocks.” The guy put a lot of work into it, made it look good, made it functional, backed up his figures with cites, threw in some cool real-world figures and landmarks for scale, and managed to slip in some really funny, subtle humor into the mix. (Check out the bugs from Starship Troopers… One of these things is not like the others!)

This site brought a smile to my inner geek. Thanks to the OP for posting it, and the creator for putting it together!


I noticed that one, too. That made me laugh.

And the Real Ships and Buildings on the -2X page.

Looking at the front page I’m trying to identify everything, but coming up very short.

I’ve spotted, so far, 2 Zentraedi ships, 2 Imperial Star Destroyers, a Klingon Bird of Prey, a Romulan Warbird, Deep Space 9, the Enterprise D, an Earth battleship from B5, that giant spacewormwhalething that tried to eat the Enterprise in TOS, and a Shadow ship.

Anybody able to do better?

From the site’s FAQ:

The author of the site has obviously done quite a bit of research, and for those ships whose sizes are in dispute, he acknowleges the dispute, and provides links to the evidence he used and/or the alternate explanations. This seems to me to be quite a fair way to present the information.

Wow. I always thought the SDF-1 would be bigger than that. Cool site, though.

The coolest part is how you can move everything around to sit them next to each other.

Sheesh, a guy can’t be a nerd without counter-nerds coming up to get 'im.

I was kiddin’, guys, a geek like me naturally gravitates towards sites like that. Sorry for the confusion.

Nerds. :smiley: