Model ship builders

I am looking for some plans to build my grandson a container ship out of wood. I want the finished product to be somewhat realistic but more toy like. About 100th scale I am guessing. I found some plans on line but not exactly what I was looking for, any recomendations? He also wants a tug boat.

Would something in this PDF do the trick?

That book could be helpful if I can’t find any plans. He is looking for a modern container ship .

I imagine you’ll probably have to wing it to a great extent. The actual dimensions of a container ship won’t work well in a bathtub.

Let’s say you’re making a model of the* Axel Maersk*. It’s 1155 feet long, has a beam of 141 feet, and draws somewhere around 42 feet of water.

So if you scale that down, to 1:100, and round up, you’re looking roughly at a 12" long ship that’s 1.5" wide, and draws about 1/2" of water, and probably has a similar amount of freeboard.

Then, if you stack a bunch of simulated containers on it (I’d probably put a solid core, and just glue simulated containers to the outside), you’ll have problems weighting it such that the bathtub waves don’t capsize it. Most bathtub waves would be crazy mega-storm style waves to a ship that size in real life.

Wouldn’t 1:100 scale for something 1155 feet long be about 11½ feet long?

The boat will never see water, but 11 1/2 feet is still to long, maybe 1/300 th scale might work better. I was thinking about 4 feet long. I could probably wing it with good photos but I have next to zero knowledge of ship building or ships period. I thought they were about 600 feet long I had no idea.

I picked a big one whose dimensions fit 100 feet = 1 inch, more or less, for simplicity’s sake. Even then, the Panamax container ships are around 1000 feet long.

If it doesn’t have to be an ultra large ship, you might consider a feeder or coastal sized container ship as a starting point.

Here’s the Sasco Aniva, for example.

It’s about a 400ft ship and built in 2002.

The advantage to something this size is that you can build it in model railroad HO scale or N scale and take advantage of the (admittedly pricey) intermodal containers and handling equipment already created for the model railroad hobbyists. In HO, the Sasco Aniva would scale to around 4.5ft or to 2.5ft in N scale. (scale calculator here)

I did find a set of plans, more detail than I plan to actually use. Once they arrive I will post what it actually is plans for. Looks like about a 400 ft ship.

I got my plans in. This looks like a great project, I am excited about it as is my grandson. It is a 662 ft container ship. I plan to build a miniature ship yard to actually build the ship. Should be fun.

When it comes time to launch it, you’ll definitely need this.

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The shipyard will be fun, but don’t forget that you will need a place for the new ship to load and unload. I think that might require building a working model of one of those giant gantry cranes they use so that you can handle the containers with it instead of by hand.

Strictly for authenticity, of course. The fun of having a crane to play with, too, has nothing to do with it.

The crane was the fist thing I built, thats what inspred him to want the container ship. He saw teh big cranes unloading the containers. I figure by the time I finish this ship he might be moved on to something else. He seems to enjoy the math involved in scaling, I think it will be a good project for him.