DeAgostini's Full-size Millennium Falcon model at a discount!

How can you resist?!

This is a fabulous full scale model representing the shooting miniature of the ship that made the Kessel run in less than umpty-umpty parsecs. Deagostini (go ahead and google 'em) make some seriously lovely models and charge appropriately for them. This ab-fab ship when assembled will be about 32" long by 24" wide and wonderful beyond words. It retails for $1500 but some time ago I went with the monthly shipment and high drama plan, where I was found once a month salivating over the approach of the UPS guy once a month but never having the time or space to get the project underway.

So here’s your big chance to pick this baby up at a bargain price: a mere $1200. You read that right: that’s 20% off the full retail price, and you won’t have to wait around for two years (like I did) for all of the shipments to arrive. Shipping will be tricky: there’s 25 boxes at about 2 pounds or a kilo each and that’s going to be substantial in cost. If you’re interested and anywhere near Southern California there’s an opportunity for some savings there. I’m going to go pick the brains of the folks at the local UPS store about sending two twenty-five pound boxes (all of the little boxes consolidated) rather than try to ship 25 boxes! (Yikes) so we’ll see what shipping will be like, but I figure something under $120 or so.

Do tell! How can you resist this. My next stop is eBay and I have a decent seller rating, but I would love to extend the discount to a Doper and would love to make the shipping as esy as possible: Free for local pick-up, oh where is Encinitas when you need him?

Talk to y’all soon.

Sounds cool but I have nowhere to put it. Full scale, so you can walk inside it? Sit in the pilots chair?

oh nevermind, I see it’s in inches

It’s just 2 x 2 1/2 feet and it weighs more than 50 pounds?! What in the world is it made of?

I only clicked on this because it said “Full size model”

What a let down :frowning:

It looks beautiful, and like a serious commitment. :frowning:

Die cast metal parts, mostly.