I Am Becoming A Star Wars Toy Addict!

I need help.

I have recently augmented my collection with:

The new AT-AT Snow walker.

The Imperial Shuttle.

The Catina Band.

the Death Star Briefing Room.

Han Solo in Carbonite.

even the Gronk Droid.

I already have dozens and dozens of figures, I am seriously thinking of getting the Millenium Falcon.

My bills are paid, I am debt-free and I have enough money saved to pay cash for a new-ish car. So its not like it is causing me to go into the poorhouse or anything. So why can’t I stop!

I think it’s because I turned 50 last month.


Wow, that reminds me – I actually have a Millenium Falcon in the back of my spare room closet!

I meant to post it on eBay, but… A friend gave it to me when she was paring down for a move, and it’s just been sitting there ever since because it seemed like too much hassle to deal with something as big as that. I did eBay the, um, wampus? (Yeti like thing) and banthus? (biped thingy with saddle & bridle) but they were much smaller.

It’s in the original box. It was owned by an adult (she was into writing SW fanfic) and never really played with. Pat said everything was there, though I don’t know that for sure.

Is there a list of what all parts there should be? Maybe a website that might list prices? I really ought to get it out of there – I can use the closet space.

I wouldn’t mind a small Y-Wing for my display case.

I’ve been good recently. But I love Y-Wings. I’m not sure why. I recently got the Clone Wars one with all the plating on it. It’s so pretty. One of my all-time deals, though, is the AT-AT I got for $10 when they were closing the Herald Square Toys R Us down. It is named Puppy and it wears a hat.

Check this out.

If you’re more of a “Do-It-Yourself” type, then I recommend Fine Mold’s 1/72 scale Y-Wing model kit.

Fine molds makes fantastic kits, and are like building an onion from the inside-out, so most seams are hidden by later detail panels and what-not, simplifying final finishing.

If you go the model kit route, be very careful with the detail “piping;” have a sharp hobby knife, a gentle touch, and a bit of patience.

I had a large collection of the action figures and toys when I was a kid. My mother kept them in her attic, and with the advent of eBay I fantasized about getting them out, dusting them off, and making a nice pile of money selling them.

That is, until the day when I finally fetched them from the attic and found they were all broken to shit.

If anyone’s in the market for one wing panel from a TIE fighter (stained decals mostly peeled off) or the torso of someone I think is Han Solo in a Hoth outfit, only slightly gnawed by one or more dogs, I might be convinced to part with them, for the right price…

Then this is for you: :smiley:


Jeez OP, you should see the massive amount of Star Wars Legos my 9 and 5 year old have accumulated over the last few years.

Those Lego sets are going to put me into the poorhouse! Some of the larger ones are not cheap!

I grow disturbed by your lack of faith.

This place should help you out. Though I can’t tell for sure anymore as my work has it blocked.

Vinyl Turnip I sold an armless Chewie a few years ago. It was one of the larger 12" figures and had the gun, but it was still kind of funny. I think I got like $12 off eBay for it.

Thanks! (Pencils in ‘deal with MF’ for next snow day.)

I’ve got the really frickin’ huge Millenium Falcon and more figure in my shopping cart.

I’m glad they don’t make a scale Death Star, it would be the size of my office building.

Got the Falcon…

Also got a Snowspeeder to put under the foot of my Snow-walker.

and some snow-troopers and Greedo…

I’m done now.

“Becoming” a Star Wars Toy addict, Bmalion? Let’s just be real and say you are!

If you truely want to rid yourself the habit, I recommend watching the prequels while wearing this device.

But hey, there are far worse hobbies to have.

I can quit anytime I want!

Prove it!


I had to much fun putting together and playing with the Millenium Falcon. also, the AT-AT is now filled with Snowtroopers, rebels beware!

We bought an R2-D2 action figure on Wednesday. It makes noises and his “eye” lights up. Sweet!

I still have all my original action figures and all their little weapons carefully contained in the awesome Darth Vader carrying case. Then there’s the Darth Maul action figure (still in the original package) that swings his arms and dual-bladed lightsaber when you push the button on his back. The Darth Vader helmet with the voice changer is sweet (but just barely fits my huge melon). And I have a Han Solo blaster from way back in the day. I also have a couple dozen lightsabers, including most recently picking up that spinning General Grievous dual bladed saber. So cool!

Greedo did NOT shoot first.

Whenever I go camping with my friends, their kids love me, because I bring 8 or 9 lightsabres and share.