Lego Ultimate Millenium Falcon

Oh Dear Jesus I Must Have It.

I have the Star Destroyer, which is awesome. This has 60% more pieces. Oh and it costs $500.

My inner geek just exploded.


Normally I think Lego sets are vastly overpriced. But if I had it, I would drop the $1100 in a heartbeat for the Collector’s Falcon, Star Destroyer, and DSII. Those are the prettiest Lego sets I’ve ever seen.

I was about complain that the mobile crane was no longer available. (it wasn’t for a while) But it is! whoop!


Do you just build them and leave them assembled? Or is there a fair amount of reuse that can be done?

I am not really a lego user any more but back in the day the point was to build different things so I was never really into the kits to do very specific things. In fact I don’t think they had such things back when I played with legos. I remember building imperial walkers out of regular blocks when the movie first came out. They obviously didn’t look as cool at the at-st models they have now.

Ya know, I was pefectly happy not knowing this exists.

Now, I must have one. I don’t have to feed my family this month, do I?

What a piece of junk!

You’d insult the lego Millenium Falcon in this thread of presumed Lego and Star Wars nerds?

You’re braver than I thought…

No no no! The proper response is "She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. I’ve made a lot of special modifications myself. "

Oh come on Max, even I caught that one. It may be time for you to turn in your geek card.

I saw that in the Lego store, and my wife had to restrain me. :slight_smile:
When I get old and senile (in a few weeks at this rate) I’m going to lock myself in a room with Legos and 3d puzzles.

BTW, I have a Puzz-3d of the Falcon - but it sucked, since Puzz-3ds don’t work very well without a flat base. Ditto for the Star Destroyer. But I have a much better Puzz 3D R2D2 (with voice box!) in my office.

It looks complicated, but you can assemble it in less than 12 parsecs.

Hydro-spanners and Fluvial Dampers are required for assembly.

Hey, at 10 cents a peice…

I think you’ve been whooshed. Arnold gave the next line in the film, but I think Max was going for a tie-in with the events in the thread by choosing a different line.

Luke says “what a piece of junk!” when he sees the Falcon in the hanger at Mos Eisley. Leia says “You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought” when she sees the Falcon in the hanger on the Death Star.


It looks more like Meccano than Lego. I’ll give it a miss.

I actually saw the Lego Jawa sandcrawler on the shelves for the first time today. Nowhere as big as the Falcon, but it does have more pieces than the ISD. No way I can justify the expense, though (uh, uh, it’s for my nephews, yeah! I’m just breaking it in!)

To be honest, the sand crawler, death star 2 and Yoda just don’t look as good as the ISD. It must be the gray.
I’ve been thinking for years they needed to make the falcon. The only other thing I can see looking anywhere near as good in lego form would be an AT-AT, and there’s already a pretty big non-ultimate-collector’s-edition AT-AT.

By the way, did everyone in this thread see the huge episode 1 proto-ISD made of Legos from one of the big fan celebrations a few years back?

Shall I purchase it and send pics of kit to spite ye?

Hmmm… I’m not seeing any pictures of the model interior, or indeed any hint that the thing has an interior at all. It mentions that the cockpit can be opened and the ramp can be extended, but you’d think there’d be at least one picture of LEGO Ben Kenobi standing next to the LEGO holographic game table while LEGO Luke Skywalker fights off the LEGO Flying Ass-Drone.

Is it even possible that the Ultimate LEGO Millenium Falcon doesn’t feature detailed interiors? That would instantly reduce its coolness quotient by about a factor of fifty. I’ve seen custom LEGO Falcons built to about that level of detail which had pretty creative solutions to interior space design.

Yeah but what else can you build with it?