SW: Episode II spoiled by Legos!

I was walking through the LEGOS aisle at Target on Tuesday, looking around, trying to decide if I truly needed Darth Vader and the Emperor, when I noticed a spaceship I’d never seen. Pretty cool, kinda small. It was right next to the Cloud City red bipod-type things from Empire, so I dismissed it as some obscure Slave I-type vehicle.

But on a second pass, I noticed the name - Jedi Starfighter. Odd. I don’t remember a Jedi Starfighter. The only ships piloted by a Jedi were Luke’s X-Wing, Anakin’s Naboo Starfighter, Darth Vader’s Tie Interceptor, Maul’s Sith Interceptor, and Luke’s Hoth Thingy (I think that’s it). Anyway, it was different, and I’d never seen it in a movie.

And looking on the backside, was a picture from a scene that vaguely reminded me of the Episode II trailer. And there were pictures of other Star Wars Lego vehicles, and all of THEM were different too!

So I guess if you want to get a leg up on your Episode II marketing purchases, the time is ripe at your local Target stores.

You haven’t seen the ads for the Jedi Starfighter video game?

(oh and its a snowspeeder)

Um, nope. Well, actually I saw it yesterday, but I wasn’t paying attention. I figured it was based on Episode I. I guess that’s right out, eh?

I was in Walmart yesterday, and I saw three Episode II sets-

“Tusken Raider Encounter” (Anakin on a dark red speederbike, with two tusken raiders and Tatooine moisture collecting device)

“Jedi Duel” (Count Dooku on a grey-blue speederbike, with Yoda and a small crane machine)

“Jango Fett’s Slave 1” (A huge and oddly-coloured version of the ship that costs about three times as much as Boba’s Slave 1)

I bought the Tusken Raider Encounter and the Jedi Duel, $15 each here in Canada (should be $10 US). Now I finally own a LEGO Yoda. :slight_smile:

So Christopher Lee has been immortalized as a Lego man, I see. He can now die, having nothing more to achieve in his epochal career.:stuck_out_tongue:

While you were there, did you by any chance see a ‘White Stripes “Fell in Love With a Girl”’ Legos set?
That would be one kick-ass set! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it’s more of an immortalization of Count Dooku. As far as I know, Steven Speilberg is the only non-fictional human being exist in LEGO form.

Wow. So now all LEGO products are spoilers? Man, that sucks. I like LEGOS…

Fun side story…

The majority of Episode II toys are NOT supposed to be released until midnight, April 23. That goes for Legos too, except the Jedi Starfighter, which was released early as a “preview set.” However, numerous Wal-Marts got their shipments EARLY and carelessly put them on the shelves ANYWAY. Wal-Mart and other stores have since pulled the toys, locked them out of the cash register, and ordered a financial penalty on any store selling them before 4/23.

Fortunately, a number of people (including yours truly) were able to find some of the figures before the order from on high came down. I’m surprised Supersaurus was able to purchase them after the fact, but hey, nice work.

In fact, I was bored the other day checked out the LEGO web site to see what neat stuff they had for the movie. Well I tell ya, they have a great big super-set with more than a thousand peices to build a 14" long Correllian Corvette! Looks cool as helll, and the site has this neato feature that enables you to view the toys from all diferent sides.

I love LEGOs. :D:cool: