Moderation in the pit

Can and do the mods ever moderate posts and threads in the pit.

Yes, frequently.

Welcome, Longshanks. Questions about the board and moderator actions go in About This Message Board, so I’ll move this over there for you.

Thanks. BTW how does someone go from guest to member?

You purchase a subscription to become a member.

For $14.95 a year you are relieved of advertising on the message board and you get a few other little things that guests don’t and you have the satisfaction of being a foot soldier in the fight against ignorance.

For another small fee you can also purchase a custom title and style yourself anything you like (within our rules, of course). It’s the ne plus ultra, it’s what all the cool kids are doing. Only Members can purchase custom titles.

Go to UserCP and click on “Paid Subscriptions” to start.

Nice going, your really selling it.

The Pit is our almost-anything-goes forum, so you can do things you’re not allowed to do in other parts of the site. You can insult people and the rules against being a jerk are generally enforced in a looser way. But yes, the forum is moderated. The Pit mods are Gfactor and Miller.

But the posters themselves rarely show any moderation in the Pit.

BTW, you might also want to check out the stickies at the top of the BBQ Pit, for information on what is and isn’t allowed, so you don’t unwittingly get yourself moderated.

Yeah, even though it’s the Pit there are still some verboten phrases and words.

Specifically the words “James Otto.”

Also-“widdershins”, “balsamic”, “peccadilloes” and “antidisestablishmentarianismistically speaking”

Yet, oddly enough, “Belgium” is allowed.

And on a related note, Yorkshire pudding recipes are not allowed in Café Society.

And you’ll discover that Yorkshire Terrier pudding recipes don’t go over well at all.

Strictly in the interest of being complete.

However, “Semprini” is right out.