Modern Combat:bad company 2

Demo is out on xbox live, and your just playing the online game, specifically harbor.

Anyone playing it ?


Played a good few games. Liked it but there are a LOT of snipers. Loks good but some gliches are there. Hopefully they will be cleared up for the main release. Downloaded the demo for both XBOX360 and PS3 and prefered the XBOX one as I like the controller more. Also XboxLive is better than the PSN.

Will be getting it when it’s released as I’m starting to slow down by MW2 playing and I need something to tide me over till Halo:Reach hits, when it does I’ll be hopefully disapearing into that for about a year if Halo 3 is anything to go by.

All in all a very good intro to the game and I look forward to killing and upgrading a lot.

There are a lot of snipers. The game seems so unfocused. It plunks you down in this big skirmish, you move across the map, die, respawn, and then repeat. I’m sure I just don’t have the flow of the game, because so far, I don’t see what’s good about this game.

I enjoyed the first one, the gameplay is more to my liking (not as much run & gun like COD). However, you can’t beat COD weapon upgrades, and their challenges.

Now if only COD had destructive environments, and slightly bigger maps…

… and vehicles !!

Meh. I can do without the vehicles. I understand there are certain kits to kill off vehicles, but…pleh.

I thought BC had the worst vehicle utilization of all the Battlefields. The helicopters were virtually unflyable and the tanks were very sluggish moving/maneuvering.

I dig it. It took more than a few games to “get it” though.
This is one of those games that is so-so when played alone and incredibly fun when played with a group. Even a small group of players who work together can accomplish a lot. Teamwork is rewarding.

The other side of that coin, is that a lack of teamwork is punishing. If you’ve played a few games you’ve no doubt seen at least a few of these scenarios.

[li]You are on a team with 11 snipers.[/li][li]Waste of vehicles, driving tanks head on into an enemy position, getting destroyed right away, or worse, they jump out, get shot and give the enemy the tank.[/li][li]Six guys picking their noses on the helipad anxiously waiting for their turn to dive the Apache into the ground after an 8 second flight.[/li][li]No one marking targets, throwing ammo, repairing, healing, etc.[/li][/ul]

Maybe that’s why a lot of my friends who like MW2 didn’t enjoy the BFBC2 demo that much. It’s really easy to have not-fun if you’re on the right (wrong) team.

Bring friends. I had a great time in a squad with two friends.

Back when I was playing MW2 full time , I was lamenting the fact that it was so sand boxed and I felt and feel like its wasted potential on most of the maps. Nothing is more fun then doing deep strike missions into enemy territory and dropping landmines around most of their vehicles, blow em up and wait for the vehicle to respawn and do it again.

Playing BFBC1 rewarded team play, even if it was impromptu with a bunch of people that I meet just through a random quick play. You can play sniper if you want, as any number of people usually do, till they get into the game play and find that different weapons load outs are better on some maps than others.

However, as large as the maps in the BFBC were, they were nothing compare to the huge maps that are in Frontlines, fuel of war. The generic maps are okay, but the extras are amazing , actually its pretty bad when you concider one of those maps sandboxed due to the short area that you can fly a supersonic fighter in.

Im awaiting BFBC two with much anticipation.


Declan, what do you mean by “sandboxed?”

The scale of the maps, rather the total area is small in comparison to BFBC. Think of it like this, instead of just one map in MW2, you have five large maps linked in BFBC so your thinking in terms of map thirty miles* in area, instead of maybe just a couple of miles in area that MW2 has.

*an exageration, but not by much


That is another thing I liked about BFBC. In “Gold Rush” (IIRC) the map would extend to a different section as the round progressed. Which helped keep the repetitiveness to a minimum as each round would evolve differently.

I think you miss understand what the term “sandbox” means. Usually it refers to a game that lets you do anything you want at any given time, as if you’re playing in a sandbox iwth lots of tools. Think like a GTA-type game.

I understand your meaning, but your use of the word “sandbox” is misleading