Modern communists and wannabe-hippies.

With recent events, I’ve had the misfortune of seeing and reading a great many ill-conceived arguments brought forth by pacifistic people, proclaiming their supposed “good-will” in the name of communism. A great many of these people are so-called hippies, and I use the term loosely, as not to offend any actual, honest-to-god hippies.

The true hippies were a reightous people. They broke from their stagnant society and proposed a noble, if not unrealistic, goal for reshaping the ways of life. These hippies were the paragon of peace, love, and happiness.

This is clearly not what the modern “wannabe” hippies are.

Our modern hippies seem to be leftist, naieve children with hearts filled with wanderlust. They “make a stand” by protesting anything and everything that they feel is morally demeaning. And more often than not, they do so without any rational thought. Any cause is cause enough.

The wannabe’s are often well versed in variousl liberal teachings. They are often well educated from well-off families. Many have chosen to be “hippies” because it fills a void in their otherwise empty lives.

They can quote Marx all they want. They can talk of philosophers and whatever else their minds can conjure forth. They can proclaim pacifism in the face of great threat, and proclaim peace in the name of true communism. But their own ignorance and inability to see the truth only belies their true intent: a brief moment to “shine” in the spotlight.

The wannabe’s are not noble. They do not embody the same fundamentals of the true hippies. The real flower-children meant something. The modern ones poorly attempt to create meaning out of nothing. And their words only infuriate and anger those of more thoughtful standpoints.

We must not tollerate such acts any longer. Now is not the time to prey upon the souls of the world. Now is the time for well-thought-out action, to make a stand against what is wrong. And calls for “pacifism” by unthoughtful selfish souls is not the way forward.


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glad to see you took the time to read.

oh, wait, that would imply that you actually read what I wrote, wouldn’t it…

If you have a point to make, I at least am not getting it. Have modern hippies done something in particular, in response to a current event, to get your goat?

And your claim that the original hippies of the 60s and 70s are morally or intellectually superior to modern hippies is one I’d like you to back up or abandon. I think the first hippies were idiots too.

I read it, and I don’t get it. I don’t see too many people here saying MARXISM UBER ALLES!!!

All hippies are and were dumb.

And most of them smell funny.

God damn hippies!

the point is this: when the counter-culture movement happened, it was in response to a society that badly needed changed. Like the original hippies or not, their innocence and need to express themselves and break down barriers was noble and necessary. They made a difference, and when it was time to move on, most of them did - but in spirit, they still carry on, only in new ways.

The modern wannabe hippies do not embody the same spirit of change and goodwill. Many of the modernists are simply clueless. They protest and call for whatever it is they are protesting that particular day.

With the recent happenings, I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing far too many of these so-call hippy pacifists calling out for “universal goodwill” and not retaliating with force. They simply expose their own ignorance and shallowness by simply trying to emulate what the original hippies really, truly meant.

Calls for total pacifism are fairly far-fetched and idealistic to begin with. To even imply that we, as the freedom loving democracies of the world, should just lay down our arms in a show of passion and brotherly love towards the terrorists is outrageous. Such an act will not stop these terrorists from carrying out further acts against the whole of humanity. This is why it is so frustrating to watch wannabe-hippies spout off ragarding matters they no only do not understand, but intentionally choose to not understand.

The original hippies, though naieve and innocent in their own right, at least stood for something real, and were noble in their intent. The same cannot be said of what we see now.

ah, but theres nothing more beautiful than a (clean) hippie girl! best part of going to callege, to my mind.

At the risk of feeding something I oughtn’t be feeding …

Have you seen any ill-concieved notions brought forth by frothing blood-lusting people proclaiming their supposed “patriotism” in the name of justice? 'Cause Lord knows I have.
And … Hippies? You ought to use the term loosely seeing as their haven’t been any hippies 'round these parts for … oh, I’d say thirty years or so.

It must be nice living in that little black and white world of yours. Do you think every disenchanted youth in the 60’s was a “paragon of peace, love, and happiness”? Or do you think it’s possible that there was a bunch of kids wandering around completely disillusioned and grasping to anything they could? Were many searching for peace and love? Yes. I know that because there are great many even today searching for peace and love and they aren’t even hippies.

There we go … leftists!!. They must be wrong about everything because they aren’t, … um … rightists, I guess. And what would you have them protest – things they feel are morally uplifting?
You have no idea what kind of thought anybody utilizes, rational or otherwise, in making their decisions in matters such as this.
Any cause? Is this cause, not huge enough for people to consider? I’m sure you’d say, Of course it is, as long as they’re in favor of bombing the shit out of Afghanistan, because that’s the obviously “right way of thinking.”

What a load of bullshit. Anybody protesting war, and preaching peace is from a wealthy family, apparently attended Abbie Hoffman University, and despite everything else are “empty”? I’m not even going to ask for a cite, because any cite you might provide would stink of shit, you having pulled it directly out of your ass.

Peace in the name of Communism? What the fuck does Karl Marx have to do with not wanting to see 1000’s of people die. Do you think those concerned about the well being of their fellow man in this matter give two shits about the proletariat or the bourgeoisie ? We get it – you don’t like Communism. Run it up a different flag-pole. You look like an ass plastering those who disagree with you as something they are not.
By the way … the truth? Please, oh enlighted one, shed the truth upon us poor heathens (this should be good, but I swear if it has anything to do with long range anomolies, heads will roll).

I don’t understand why your propping up “true hippies” (whatever that is) as some mystical civilization. By your context, you seem to be referring to anybody, who was a youth, or young adult in the 60’s who disagreed with “the system”. Now if you replace “the 60’s” with “the new millenium”, what’s the fucking difference, besides a bellbottom here and love bead there?
And again, I’d love to here what you consider “thoughtful standpoints”.

The only thing I won’t tolerate is some pious, holier-than-though asspacket telling me what to think. “Prey upon the souls of the world”? By preaching pasicificm? Huh? Maybe you mean we shoud prey upon the souls of the world in a more direct fashion, say with a few dozen cruise missiles or something.
I’m not even in the camp that “well-thought out action” is not warranted. But I think pacifism is the most noble -ism one might come across. Those who preach it are nothing close to “unthoughtful selfish souls”. In fact the most unthoughtful selfish comments I’ve read in a coon’s age are at the top of this page.

So there … take your rantings and cram them with walnuts. You sound like an “Archie Bunker” wannabe and nobody’s buying.

And threads like this give us more opportunities to do so. Thanks! :smiley:

see, i got all unmanned by even the thought of clean hippie girls, and i cant even spell ‘college’ no more.

hell, i cant even REMEMBER college no more…

Jack, man, chill out. Here, take a beanbag chair, have a toke, open your mind…

I remember an interview with a pretty, slender hollow-eyed young woman who had lived as a street person on Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley. She was asked what that life had been like.

She thought a moment, straining to use whatever portion of her brain still worked. Finally, she answered, “Donuts. I remember we ate lots of donuts.”

thank you so much for pointing out all the callous errors in my posting. I’m glad to know that there are people like you out there in the world to point out when we’ve made mistakes.

You clearly missed the point.

I am not a war-monger. I am not a pacifist. I want to see peace. I want to see justice. I want to see people get some real perspective - to see the “big picture”. You need to take a few steps back and look again.

And while you do that… take Olentzero’s advice:

I think we should all bookmark this thread as a prime example of incompetant trolling.

Being a card-carrying member of the Church of Wannabee Latterday-Hippies, and living in Hippieville, CA, I can honestly say I have absolutely no fucking idea what MFS is talking about.

Jack covered it nicely, I think, and I hope I don’t get another urge to feed this Troll.

essvee, I know those of whom you speak, the sight of hippie women makes me very happy indeed…

After preview addition:

OK, MFS, if we missed the point, could you be so kind as to make one? Perhaps you could include a fact or two, so we have more to discuss than the “callous errors” in your posting?

MFS – Fine. Perhaps I missed your point. You say you are not a war-monger, I’ll take your word. But I think you’re missing a few points yourself.

You really do seem to have this gilded view of hippies in the sixties. They were still human beings. Young human beings at that. Not every one of them was some noble creature with a divine mandate, bathed in righteousness only seeking the truth to share with their fellow man. Some of them were just drug addicts.

I don’t see anything wrong with young people congregating and espousing pacifism. Even if they are just doing it to hop on a band-wagon, that’s a mighty find band-wagon to hop on.

Your OP was couched in a lot of red-flags for me. Maybe that’s why I went off the deep end (well that and I have a day off today and I don’t have anything better to do) – **“Commies - Wannabe Hippies - Leftists - Marx[ism]” - **etc. Why paint these current crop of protesters with that brush?
Go out and ask your average teenaged protester about Karl Marx. He’ll ask you if that was the guy with the cigar or the one that went nuts when you mentioned cheese.

Protesting for peace is a noble cause. End of story. It may not be a realistic solution, but it is a noble cause. You need to guard against idolizing the 60’s hippy/yippie movement. There was a shit-laod of band-wagoning happening there too.

They were just kids, not gods.

ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!!! Sarcasm blowback!

Johnny Unitas! Now there’s a haircut you can set your watch to!

No, it’s a stupid cause if you wish peace with terrorists, which is what Osama bin Laden is. If you wish our government to take action, you are saying that you wish the terorists to be free to kill again.

As Michael Kelly wrote in yesterday’s Washington Post:

There is no middle ground here. Pacifism in the face of relentless evil is inherently immoral, not to mention doomed.