Modern Family: Oh, so they knocked off . . . (SPOILERS)

Again, this will contain open spoilers do don’t read if you want to be surprised

Deedee. I had considered her but was thrown off by the claim that it’s a “major” character, which I don’t consider her to be.

I didn’t get to see the entire ep but what I saw was very good. I always love the Halloween eps and this was no exception. Claire as a spider and Phil as a fly=awesome. Alex as RBG was perfect and Mitch and Cam as Harry and Meghan was delightful.

One thing I’ve always loved about this show is that it has always remained first and foremost a COMEDY. I don’t want any “very special episodes” in my sitcoms. They even managed to make Gloria’s pregnancy if not hilarious, at least not annoying(the end result of that pregnancy is another matter).

I’ll miss this series when it wraps up but I can’t argue with the decision to end it. It will definitely be one I’ll stop and watch whenever I come across it; jeez, I already do that.

But the producers never said it would be a “major” character. They used the term “significant,” which is enough of a weasel to not be a lie.

IIRC, the consensus from the thread where we speculated about this was that Deedee was the most likely to die. It was also generally agreed to be a cop out.

Nitpicking, but as long as this thread is about this character, we might as well get her name right: it’s DeDe not Deedee.

I suspect this is a diversion. The Big Death is yet to come.

I should have found the episode funny because I handle death like Clair and Mitchell did. I have a complicated relationship with my mother so, like Clair, I’d have a hard time just letting people sanctify her if she passed before she redeemed herself… and then I still have 40 something years of issues to get over.

But it didn’t work for me. I liked how the Dunphy kids reacted and the letter with the cause of death. The gag of people trying to hug spider-Clair was great. But it was just a tired 10th season episode of a show that mostly ran out of gas a year or two ago. It’s not horrible or unwatchable, but it doesn’t work the same for me any more.

The show will go on fine without DeDe. Glad it wasn’t Stella.

I liked it. They had pretty much played out the Halloween episodes a few years ago anyway, so this was a good place to put a VSE. Nice balance of comedy & sadness. And Gloria and the DeDe statue was great.

So the email from her women’s group, with all her adventures in Greenland before dying peacefully in her sleep, we’re supposed to believe she just made it all up, right? Starving timberwolves who later rescued her from a frozen lake, briefly eaten by a whale, etc.

I agree. The show is worn out. The story lines aren’t as funny and the kids are no longer cute. Same with TBBT. 10 years is a long time for a comedy to run and unless you bring in new funny characters the old characters eventually run out of things to say to each other.

Considering how much money they are paying these actors at this point it’s a shame they can’t think of anything new/funny to say. Killing off DeDe isn’t going to change anything. Most people didn’t even know who DeDe was anyway.