Modern Warfare 2 [Spoilers]

Now that it’s out, here’s where we can talk about the actual game (I have it for PS3, if anyone is wondering).

I greatly enjoyed it. I wish the campaign were longer, but from what it did have I thought it was wonderful.

The good:
-Fighting someone with a damn uniform, for once.
-The West Wing. Hell, I thought the entire Airborne campaign was fun. I don’t know why, but fighting in trenches in front of the White House was great fun.

The Frustrating (not ‘bad’ per se, but made me want to throw my controller at the screen):
-The militia levels and the level where the Americans and Russians were fighting each other, and you had to run through the firefight. A couple of times I was pinned down with bullets flying everywhere, afraid to move.

My favorite cinematic cuts were the one with the astronaut above the earth and the one where Ghost and the other Brit got it. With the space scene the moment I saw the blast I thought, “EMP.” When Ghost got murdered I actually stuttered, “What the fuck, dude!?” I did not see that coming, although I should have.

I really didn’t have an issue with the mall scene. I mean, story wise it didn’t make much sense, as others have said. But it’s just a video game, so I didn’t get disturbed in the least bit. It was weird killing Americans in the latter levels, though.

The airport scene actually does make sense, to some degree. Markov sucessfully manages to frame a US agent for a horrible massacre, and thereby the nation. What bugs me is that a whole two days later, the entire Russian military is paradropping into DC.

Seriously, even the worst international indicidents don’t lead to full scale invasion that fast. There’s usally a lot of shouting and threats before the actual war starts, and it takes time to spool up a full scale invasion. The US couldn’t invade Russia the day after tomorrow on a whim, and that goes doubly for the Russians invading the US. Oh, airstrikes a couple hours after the go signal is given, sure. But to invade in 48 hours, you have to have your troops nearby, ready to go.

But then again, Allen somehow managed to go from Private nobody in Afganistan to Markov’s new buddy in a day. 6 months, sure. Two days, don’t think so.

By the airport scene not making sense I meant in that they don’t have Pvt. Allen shoot Markov in the back of the head in the beginning.

And I agree with what you said about Russia not being able to attack as quick as I did, but I assumed (complete fanwank) that Russia was planning for war the entire time and used Markov to frame the U.S.

Okay, that I agree with.

It bugged me that you can’t kill Markov and if you do, you get a “You blew your cover” ending. There’s no reason given why, with you that close to him, that you can’t just shoot him.

The only theory I have now, storywise, lies in what Shepherd tells you in the intro “This is war and there will be causalities” “Many have died to get you this close.” “This will cost you a piece of yourself”. That implies to me that you were given orders not to do anything to Markov yet.

We hear several times that Shepherd doesn’t seem to care about collateral damage “Danger close doesn’t mean anything to Shepherd”, particularly when he calls in an airstrike on one of his own positions in one of the last missions. We also find out that Shephard is more then willing to wipe out TF 141 because now they are a liability and frame the survivors with treason. If Shephard doesn’t care about his own men, it’s doubtful he’d care much about an airport full of russian civilians as long as he gets what he wants.

Which presumably, was to start the war. I’m guessing he was supposed to be the one pulling markovs strings, or at least in collusion with markov, considering markov has remarkably little screen time for a game where he’s supposed to be the bad guy. I was beginning to think they’d forgotten about him. And, as far as I can tell, he still alive, somewhere, when the game ends.

Can I put a vote in against the “droplets of blood on your virtual windshield” effect as being really freaking annoying? You’re in a bad situation, you stick your head out and are wounded. Okay, fine, you need to heal or something. But there’s gunmen around you and you can’t freaking see because the game bukakked you and you have to wait for the cumshot to wear off. I hate this!!

Okay I gotta admit that I am majorly disapointed. This has no relation to the actual game play, but in the expectation that I bought a sequel to Modern Warfare 2 , a game that came out for the original xbox and got ported over to the 360. Larger maps, vehicles and helicopters and all the fun stuff.

What I bought was a sequel to modern combat, which while very good , I only need one game. Since this one has the highest resale value, it goes.


IW said they replaced the old respawning enemies system, which despite the derision was a clever way to simulate large WWII battles, with a new clever AI. Bu the flow of the game has stayed the same, move from point to point, kill bad guys on the way, so it makes litttle actual difference.

I haven’t finished single player yet, I got distracted with noob mashing in multiplayer, but it is very hectic and disjointed so far, but still lots of fun.

I just remembered something that is going to drive me slowly insane as I play multiplayer.

The Harrier killstreak. A harrier that hovers around the map killing people with a gun turret under the nose, basically the same as the helicopter killstreak.


All that effort into getting accurate guns etc and some designer creates a sci-fi, acid trip, aircraft with an imaginary gun turret, always on nav lights and an ability to fight while hovering. They are obviously clearing the way for CoD: 2142.

This may seem like an odd thing to complain about but I am an aviation nut and things like this drive me crazy.

Modern Warfare was for the 360.

I’m confused. What game did you actually buy?

A question for everyone who has played Modern Warfare 2 and chose to play through the terrorist scene, did anyone aim high? I did. I just wandered along with the other terrorists and sprayed bullets into the air over the civilian’s heads. Sure, most of them still got killed but there were a number left alive who I could’ve killed but didn’t. Once the police turn up though, there’s no choice but to kill or be killed.

I felt that the game had a lot more COOL moments than the first one but they came very close to overdoing the surprise-main-character-gets-killed thing. I also found the sheer number of enemies pretty annoying at times. I think I’d prefer it to be fewer enemies (a closer match in numbers to the “good guys”) with better tactics and a less forgiving health mechanic.

Ok, I think I understand what you’re saying. You thought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was actually a sequel to Battlefield 2: Modern Combat? But it turns out to be a sequel to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Sure, I guess that’s an easy mistake to make…

I did it that way once. Well, actually, I didn’t shoot at all, thinking, “killing unarmed civilians can’t actually be what I’m supposed to do,” but, like you said, it doesn’t make a difference anyway. So, what the hell, I re-did the mission going total Mickey and Mallory on the masses.

Kind of made me queasy, to be honest.

Got it in one.

My fault really that I confused EA’s product with infinity ward. By itself it would have been a good addition to the stable of games for me, had I not bought modern warfare(COD) a month previous for something to play till This game came out.

Different maps, more polished, roughly the same perks, but more or less the same online play, I could have waited about a year to upgrade had I realized and spent the seventy bucks on something else.

But mea culpa


I hummed “Singing in the rain” to myself while I walked around knifing the wounded.

Well, as long as you didn’t give them the old “in-out”.

That’s the spirit!

That’s kind of creepy that IW included a level in the game that asks you to do that. I assume you’re playing along under the threat of some kind of discovery?

I was thrilled to see that both Capt. Price and Gaz/Ghost were back.

When I played through it the first time I thought it wasn’t as good a CoD4. However, my attitude changed when I saw it was 3:00AM before I finally got too tired to keep playing.

I still haven’t been able to get into a multiplayer game.

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