Is anybody else playing Army of Two? (minor, open spoilers)

I got the game last week, and I must say it’s pretty good. It’s pretty innovative, but a bit short and not very hard. However, I’m glad I bought it, and will not be trading it in, as it’s perfect for a little good old fashioned FPS ass-kicking.

I really like how you get to keep all your guns on a second play through. I don’t like games were you get the cool stuff towards the end, so you don’t get to fool around with them too much. In AO2, you are a mercenary, so you buy your kit with the bounty you earn.

Another cool feature is your ability to spend cash to customize your weapons. I especially like how you can “pimp out” the weapons, as the game calls it. Think Saddam’s gold plated AKs.

There is a lot of taking cover, shooting, getting hit, covering, healing, repeating, which I have mixed feelings about, but this seems to be a trend in FPSs these days. I think the old fashioned life bar is a gone for good.

Some things I don’t like:

For all the customizing you do to your guns, you can’t change scopes or sights, which would have been a nice addition.

You have to share a parachute with your buddy, which seems a little, um, well, you know. Two badasses strapped together on one chute just doesn’t feel right.

The story leaves quite a bit unexplained, for those of you into that kind of thing.

All in all, it’s not a combat sim like Rainbow 6 Vegas, and it’s not as good as COD4, but AO2 is a bunch of shoot-em-up fun.

On edit: I guess the game isn’t really a FPS shooter, because you can see your guy, but that’s what I call all games like this.

We actually traded Ao2 in for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. Ao2 was enjoyable enough (curb-stomping FTW!), and I looooooved my pimped-out shotgun, but it was just too hard. Neither hubby nor myself are great FPS mavens and even on the easiest settings Ao2 just kicked our asses too regularly to be fun after a while.

Vegas 2 is more forgiving, but I’ll miss my gold-plated shotty.