Mods can't ban? I'm crushed...


You poor souls.

You have to deal with the likes of meeshkeen and peewee_RotA, but it takes an admin to pull the plug? Gack… That makes less sense than the Designated Hitter rule.

You all have my sympathies.


It’s been a long day. I read your post to say “Designated Hitler” at first. Couldn’t figure out what sport that would be related to, for some reason. :slight_smile:

Moderators are like English policemen. We can slap them around, but we can’t kill them. Oh well.

Ya know, I was just halfway-seriously contemplating starting a Pit thread entitled “Give the Mods banning powers!” As the Brunching Shuttlecocks would say, “Weird. Eerie.”

Of course, we can’t have the Mods being on a higher level, or even the same level, as the Admins. So, we give the Mods the power to ban people, and we give the Admins the power to have them summarily executed.

Works for me.

While the word “sumarilly” implies instantaneously, I think that is giving them too much time.

I read it as “Designated Hitler” too. I don’t know if that says something about me or about the mods.

But like English policemen?
“'ello 'ello ‘ello. Doing a spot o’ trolling, are we sunshine? Righto, you’re nicked… er I mean banned.”

“Bit late a’night for spammin’, eh, Guv?” :wink:

And BTW, don’t they have a Designated Hitler in Aussie rules footie?

HEY! Lay off the Ozzie Rules!

Goooooo, Lions!
[sub]Althought, admittedly, I couldn’t tell what HALF the people on the field were doing.[/sub]


He took you to an Aussie Rules game?

And you’re still speaking to him?

Next time LMK and we can go shopping ;). That’s how real Aussie women get by.

Yes indeedy. His name is Tony Liberatore :wink:

What? And miss the perfection that is Alastair Lynch? Whadda hottie! WOO!

Oh, please; Coldie. You durn well that the sport in question is obviously moderating the SDMB.

Sweet Momma! I read it the same way. And, while I am not a psychologist, I believe it is a reflection of all the crap going in the world. Is this the same mental process that transforms an off-course weather baloon from Alamogordo wafting across a trailer park full of bored retirees into a rash of UFO sightings??

I believe the “Designated Hitler” rule comes into play when you are down to the last strike - yet only have one ball.

Back to the topic, though, the mods do have a lot of say in banning people. If a mod sends an e-mail to Lynn or Tuba saying “Ban this idiot”, that idiot will usually get banned.

Meanwhile, I’m really wondering whose side Godwin is on in this thread…

Who’s Godwin?

Archie Godwin. Ace private eye and leg-man for Nero Wolfe in the immortal detective fiction series by Rex Stout.


your humble TubaDiva
who actually went to W. 35th Street just to see.

I KNEW that. Sheesh.

(grumble, bitch, gripe) Shoulda misspelled “Wolfe” and “Stout,” too, to make the joke clear…

A second reading shows I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

Can I go home now?

your humble TubaDiva

What a strange twist! I’m a fan of Nero’s, but I thought he never left the house except when his orchids were kidnapped.

Or maybe it’s supposed to mean “Meanwhile, I’m really wondering whose side God is on in this thread…”:confused:

Well, I’m still waiting to see what Godot says.