Mods, when moderating, could you please post in black and white?

I ask, because I am color-blind, and the recent move towards the red color by the mods, when moderating, makes things difficult to see, for me. In fact, it’s damn near impossible. Can we just go back to:


That will get you a warning, because something-something-something.



They put it in because people asked for it.

Can’t you just set your monitor to greyscale?

I saw this coming, is there a color that would work for the color blind?
Maybe sienna, sienna is nice…or raw umber.

CMC fnord!

How about both?

Well, black-on-white works just fine from where I sit. Easy to read.

Easy to say “I never saw that”, too.

It’s easy to read if you are reading every post carefully. It’s easy not to notice if you are browsing a longer thread. It’s far easier to notice that there is a mod not on this page if it’s a different color.

Well, black-on-white doesn’t work just fine from where the mods sit. Easy to miss.
You could help by telling them what color, other that black, you can see easily or it’ll be red.

CMC fnord!

Spoons, can you actually read the text in red, or does it blend into the background? If you can read it fine, and it’s just that it doesn’t stand out as different than normal text, then ISTM the obvious solution would be to keep it in red text (since many others find that so useful) while still adding the “MODERATING” tags or equivalent. Would that work for you?

I don’t know if this would be helpful to the OP since I’m not colorblind, but, when I’m reading a website that for one reason or another has text that’s abnormally hard to read, I highlight it. If you highlight it, you have highlighted background with the text (almost always) a new color.

Testing this out, on my computer, with my settings, on this page, with the SD theme, red text on a white background, changes to white text on a blue background.

Not the most elegant solution, and it would certainly be easier to have text that’s easier to read in the first place, but possibly a quick workaround.

Heh, I was getting ready to make a thread thanking the mods who have moved to posting in red.

Here’s a colorblind simulator on a mod note:

Notably, all the major variations of colorblindness except Tritanopia have somewhat hard to read text. Monochromacy is rare, but it’s so faded and gray it’s almost unreadable. In Protanopia it’s this really faded marigold color that is hard to focus on. Deutanopia is a little better but has this odd orange-on-orange look that makes it not stand out very well.

I’m gonna make a rainbow wheel real quick just to do a test:

Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text Text

Either way, when designing for accessibility, it’s usually best to also give non-color signifies that stand out.

������ For instance surrounding mod action in an emoji (this one is just the first I thought of probably not the best) ������ (E: looks like the board mangles UTF-8 emoji so nm I guess)

Or perhaps underlining all mod text

In addition to the coloration would help colorblind and vision impaired users the most.

E: It looks like COLOR=“Blue” is best for most forms, except monochromacy where COLOR=“DarkRed” is best.

You might want to re-read the OP, a little slower this time.

Underlining (as suggested above) or posting in a different/larger font might do the trick.

Are there any colorblind-friendly themes?

What do you think I missed?

I think we should bring back the [blink] tag.

Enable HTML and use <marquee> you cowards

OP is colorblind… how did you think it would be helpful for a colorblind person to set their monitor to greyscale?

How many of us are actually using the red color? I know ECG does it. Is anyone else?