Moe lives!

As some of you know, after I retired I took a position part-time with another agency to stay in the game and maintain my law enforcement certification. One or two shifts a week max.

Yesterday I was down at the county jail picking up some photographs and finger print cards from the AFIS deputy for a guy I’m tracking down. While there a Chaplin came in to talk to prisoners.

This guy looked EXACTLY like Moe Howard. I don’t just mean the haircut. i mean his face, his nose, eyes, ears. Even his mannerisms. It was bizarre. I wanted to chuckle but didn’t. After he left, this deputy (who i don’t know very well at all) turned to me and says “Is it just me or does the pastor look like the boss dude from the 3 Stooges?”

My head almost burst because I had been holding in my laughter for the past 10 minutes.

The pastor, by the way, was a very sweet man and I wouldn’t want to offend him for the world.

So Moe is now part of the cop team?

For a moment I thought that you also said that Chaplinwas also there!

N’yuk n’yuk n’yuk n’yuk!

Anyone else read the thread title as Emo Elvis?

Ummmm, no, John? :slight_smile:

However, I was just thinking it’s too bad we don’t have a picture of the chaplain. I would love to have seen it.



His mannerisms?!

Y’mean, the pastor lifted two fingers to bless some prisoner, and then poked him in the eyes with them? 'Cause that’d be so cool!

Yeah, and then the prisoner would put his hand in front of his nose to block that maneuver and go “nyuk, nyuk, nyuk”?

Plus he’d need to use phrases such as , “Why you…” and “Oh, wise guy, eh?”

pk, just joking a little with ya, okay?

Any way you can get this guy to pose for your cell phone? Moe had such a unique look, that seeing anyone who looked like him would be a kick!



Slowly I turned…

Step by step.

Can’t do that till someone says “Niagara Falls???!!”, y’all. :wink:


While inside the part of the facility I was in one must not only lock up their duty belt, you must secure any cell phones in a little locker. No cell phones are allowed in that section of the jail. Also, taking photographs inside the jail is strictly prohibited.

I’m not sure how nice it would be to post a guys picture online so we can all see how he looks like Moe.

Slowly I turned…