Mohawk Valley Limberger Cheese Spread (in the little glass jar with the white lid.)

My entire family used to love this stuff on mini slices of rye bread. I looked for it in supermarkets recently and couldn’t find it. Googling revealed many other people desperately looking for it and it turns out that Kraft stopped manufacturing it several years ago. It’s the stuff that came in the little glass jars with the white lid. Here’s an image that may help you to remember it.

I did find a website selling limberger spread and claiming “Formally [sic] made by Mohawk Valley.” Whether it’s really the same thing or not remains to be seen. They charge $5.95 for 8 ounces. Maybe it’s just because I don’t buy a lot of cheese spread and this particular spread was bought by adults when I was a child, but that seems pricey to me.

On top of that they say
So this stuff could get pretty costly for cheese spread. Granted you can reduce the price per ounce by buying more but how much can you eat before it goes bad?

So, have any of you tried this, and is it the same thing as you remember?

Anyone in the Philly area want to go in on a larger order of the stuff?

I’ve noticed that it’s also sold on other sites so maybe it can be had for a better overall price. Maybe it’s even available in supermarkets.

No one knows of a good limburger spread? The one I found has some bad reviews.

It’s Limburger, it’s bound to have bad reviews by its nature!

Limburger is a soft cheese, so you really don’t have to buy a “spread”, the real thing will spread quite well.

Here is a link to some Limburger cheese.

And here is their Limburger Spread.

I am from Wisconsin and can vouch for this cheese shop.

That’s the spread that I found and the one that at least one site claims to be the same thing as the old Kraft Mohawk Valley spread. I guess I’ll find the best price I can and risk a few bucks to see if it’s comparable to what I remember.

My whole family used to love the stuff. We would buy a loaf of mini rye bread and spread this cheese on slices of it. Ambrosia!

I recently bought a small brick of limburger at the market and it was nowhere near as good as the old Mohawk spread and tasted nothing like it. Maybe what I bought was just inferior limburger.

Most towns above about 20,000 people have a gourmet shop where you can find what P. J. O’Rourke called “cheese that smells like people’s feet.”…

Thank you for the suggestion.

I understand that I can buy limburger cheese. I could go to the market right now and buy some. But I’m looking for something identical or similar to this particular limburger cheese spread. I’ve purchased limburger and it’s not the same. I’m probably going to get some of this to see if it’s the same:

I ordered a couple of tubs. We’ll see what happens.

Got it today and it’s just like the stuff I remember. :smiley:

Have you tasted it yet?


Yes, and it’s just like it! :smiley:

Glad you found what you wanted.

Just recognize that the only Limburger cheese made in the US comes from Monroe, Wisconsin.

Where does it say it’s made on the package? Perhaps the source cheese is from Monroe, and the process of turning it into limburger spread is done elsewhere.

Augie, did you get to that cheese shop when they were selling off the 40 year old cheddar for $10/oz? It sold out before we could snag any, but we did score nearly a pound of 28 year old cheddar!

The container says “Williams Cheese Co. Linwood, MI”. That doesn’t mean that the limburger isn’t from Wisconsin, of course.

Glad to know about this. My father loved the stuff in the glass jars, and the limburger sold in slabs is not the same.

It’s sold all over the net, but I’d really like to find it in locally. The shipping costs more than the cheese unless you order more than one tub. The expiration date on the ones I have is in December, and it’s not something that you want to slather on the rye in huge amounts, it’s strong, so you’d have to either pay $9 or $10 for shipping one tub or you’d have to eat a lot more than is probably healthy, unless you have a big family or are throwing a party.

Can’t someone in the Redding Terminal Market in Philly get it for you? I was only at that market once, but was very impressed by it. Or would they be offended by an “Amish” product that didn’t come from PA?

My Dad is the only one who really likes it, so most of it would be wasted. I like it well enough, but don’t eat the bread anymore, and it really needs the dense rye to go with it.

Ooo, cheese so sharp it cuts itself.

I don’t know about getting it at the Terminal Market, but by the time I either pay for the train into the city or drive and pay for parking I’ll have paid enough to cover the shipping anyway. Maybe I might check it out if I’m going in for another reason.

Maybe it’s something you can get your father for the holidays. Maybe it can be shared with guests.

All this side chatter is now making me hungry for aged cheddar. Maybe I need to find a good cheese shop around here.

Not this one though. They specifically have no limburger or cheddar: The Cheese Shop sketch, Monty Python - YouTube