Mold? Algae? What is this stuff?

I don’t know what it is but it is bright green and definitely growing by the day.

Does mold grow under water? I never heard of that before.




Where do you live? Where does your water come from?

It’s algae.

I live in the Bronx.

How strange. Bleach it everyday.
Creeping algae, gah!!:eek:
Horror movie fodder.

What have you been eating?

Yes, cut back on the asparagus.

If it’s algae, it needs sunlight to grow. I don’t know if keeping the lid down would stunt it or if it that would require total darkness.

Get some plecos or mollies . . . you’re already set up for when they die.

CMC fnord!

That’s what I was wondering! :smiley:

All the usual crap I always eat: Mountain Dew, Pringles, Dunkin’ Donuts, and meat and potatoes.
I’ve never heard of algae growing in toilet bowl before. A fish tank, sure, but never a toilet.

Either way I have Mr. Clorox on the job now so thanks for the input everybody.

On a semi related note,

Yes, mold will grow under water. NatGeo had a bit some years ago about Aspergillus causing disease and damage to corals and this wikipedia article gives it a brief mention(all I could find at the mo’, not really enough time to look it up)you have to scroll down quite a bit and be careful, it’s a short paragraph

It’s possible that it’s fecal stains, and you’ve been eating stuff containing a lot of purple food coloring. The most common purple food coloring will indeed turn your poop green.

No matter what it is, though, bleach will probably take care of it.