Mollie Tibbetts missing college student (allegedly) killed by illegal alien

Surprised (not really) there isn’t a topic on this board already discussing the implications of the illegal alien allegedly killing the (up until now) missing Iowa student

It’s an anathema to (what I consider) this boards consensus, or general zeitgeist, that unfettered immigration is good and anything outside of that (a wall, enforcement of illegal immigration) is morally (among other things) wrong.

Does any of these happenings change anyone’s opinion on immigration, or is this just an anomaly that can be easily ignored?

Me? Trump’s been given an unfortunate, but politically positive, gift.

Story basics -

Well, as I’ve pointed out before

but, I agree that this could well play into the narrative that the border needs a wall. Because most people only crimes one at a time and fail to see that if it wasn’t this girl killed by this man, it would’ve been some other girl by some other man.


Look dude, when you can show me statistics that show “Illegal aliens” commit murder at a significantly higher rate than American born citizens, then I’ll consider changing my views on immigration.

I didn’t realize there was already a thread on this topic. Or was your quote taken from another thread on a similar topic?

In other words, link please. I’d like to read it.


it was a thread on sanctuary cities. and I did cite the thread. . .the little blue arrow next to my name inside the quote is a link.


Listen miss, if the laws on the books were followed and enforced like other laws are enforced and followed, we wouldn’t have had this happen.


Got it. Thanks.

There are roughly 12 million illegal immigrants in the country. If it’s newsworthy that one of them killed someone, then that strongly implies that it’s not common. For something to be uncommon, when we’re talking about the doings of 12 million people, you’re pretty well talking about a non-event.

Let us take, for example:,teacher%20sex%20with%20student,police%20shooting,struck%20by%20lightning

Obviously, this isn’t to say that it is not horrible that a person was murdered. But the murderer was caught and will probably be convicted. There’s really no more to that story. Justice worked.

Really? How did you conclude this?

The FBI’s UCR for 2016 shows that large cities (GROUP I) have a violent crime rate that is roughly double small cities (GROUPS III, IV, V, and VI) and suburbs. Cite

Furthermore, the City of Chicago (third largest city in America, with a population of 2.7M) had a whopping 765 murders in 2016. Houston (fourth largest city in America, with a population of 2.3 million) only had 301 murders. Hell, you could combine Houston with LA (the second largest city in America) and they still wouldn’t match Chicago’s total murders. Cite

As for “equal economic status” bit, I don’t know what specific metrics you’ve looked at, but when Business Insider ranked the 40 largest cities’ economies, Chicago was #36 and Houston was #34. That would appear to be pretty damn close.

What, in your mind, explains the sky-high murder rate of Chicago when compared with Houston?

That’s about as accurate as saying Trump’s administration wants to ban all the brown people, or end immigration of any sort altogether.

Although it may be true that this board in general is more liberal in regards to immigration than you, personally, may be, that doesn’t mean the average Doper wants NO regulation at all.

I find it very politically convenient that this woman was killed by an illegal immigrant. But then, I’m not privy to any of the details here. I don’t know if this is a slam-dunk or just slim evidence here.

Paul Manafort was convicted of a crime today. Obviously it follows that we should hold every other Republican guilty of committing crimes as well and remove all of them from office.

Or does that logic only apply to Mexicans?

If you want to lock up Cristhian Rivera for life, or even give him the death penalty, I’m with you. But if you want to arrest ten million people for a crime that was committed by one person, then you’re a racist.

I don’t think anyone here has suggested we do any such thing.

I heard that a white guy killed someone the other day.

Clearly the whites are out of control and need to be dealt with harshly.

Reading the arrest warrant, it looks like a slam dunk. He claims to have blocked out the actual murder from his memory, but confesses to approaching her while she was jogging and getting angry, and then sometime later taking her bloody body from the trunk of his car and dragged it into a cornfield where he hid it under some leaves. He later guided law enforcement officials to the location of the body.

ETA: I realize his defense attorney will get an opportunity to make his case in court, but honestly, he doesn’t look likely to succeed.

Seems to me that the OP thinks that Trump and henchmen will.

Trump and henchmen will what? Arrest 10 million illegals for the murder of Mollie Tibbetts? I don’t think so, and the OP doesn’t appear to say anything like that.
Perhaps a review would serve you well:

  1. Little Nemo said: “… if you want to arrest ten million people for a crime that was committed by one person, then you’re a racist.”

  2. to which I replied “I don’t think anyone here has suggested we do any such thing.”

  3. to which you (bizarrely) replied “Seems to me that the OP thinks that Trump and henchmen will.”

You seem to have lost track of the conversation somewhere in there.

Not at all, I was just saying. And with Trump it is not bizarre to think about how he will use “this gift”

You were just saying what? This is what I asked you in post #16 and you didn’t answer. What are you talking about? Because it doesn’t appear to have anything at all to do with what Little Nemo or I (or the OP) said.

Too late, the OP put Trump in the menu. If you don’t like that me and others can talk about how Trump is likely to grossly mishandle this “gift” do not reply then.



And don’t call me “miss” I’m a dude.