Molly Holly is not a "Fat Ass"!!!!!

For those who don’t know, Nora Greenwald is the current WWE Women’s champion, wrestling under the name Molly Holly. Unlike Sable and Chyna before her, she actually demonstrates extensive wrestling talent, both in and out the ring. In fact, she helps to train the other lady wrestlers, or “Divas” as the WWE calls them.

Trish Stratus, her real-life friend and her best in-ring rival, started an angle in which she calls Molly a “fat ass”. They did both agree to it, and it had some funny moments, such as Molly throwing away a Thighmaster on-air and Trish pulling down her pants.

However as it went on, as many other WWE angle went this year, it became horrid. Where is usually counterpoint in the announcing of a match, there was absolutely none. All of the male announcers were all making fun of Molly’s allegedly fat behind. (Tazz on this wek’s Byte This apologized for his call on the Molly/Torrie match on Thursday’s Smackdown.) The worst offender is by far Jerry Lawler, the supposedly heel play-by-play man on Raw. Despite Molly making these ham and cheese sandwiches called Divas look like top-notch Japanese joshi puroresu in the ring, the announcers only talk about "Molly’s butt and the usual “puppies”. The angle is having a backfire effect, and now fans are cheering for Molly, who was supposed to be the sole monster heel in the ladies’ division.

Facts: Nora (Molly) is 5 foot 4 inches tall, and weighs 140 pounds. She would fit right in with Japanese women wrestlers, who are among the best in the business. She was leader of her gymnastic team in high school. She does not have a ‘fat ass’, unless you compare it to the other dangerously anorexic divas. I know the WWE likes to promote entertainment and shows like the Golden Thong, but if a wrestler cannot perform in the ring, (s)he does not deserve that bling-bling.

I happened to catch a bit of Smackdown this past week and was wondering what all that was about. I don’t have too much of a problem with offensive angles (it’s wrestling, after all, there’s a 50 year history of being offensive) but this just didn’t make any sense. She’s not fat! She’s not even slightly overweight. She’s just not a twig, big deal. You’d think they could have found a better angle here.

She’s a honey, all right.

Wellllll, it’s not exactly small.

Well, you know how it works in the popular media: women come in two sizes: Gwyneth Paltrow, or Gwyneth Paltrow wearing her fat suit from Shallow Hal. There is no middle ground.

5’4" and 140 lbs - Yum Yum Give me some!

Baby got back

and front too!

She’s pretty stocky. five four and a hundred and forty pounds of muscle on a women’s frame is a fireplug.

I don’t think she’s fat at all, but there’s too much muscle there for my taste.

Let me put it this way, I’m married to a women who can kick my ass. Trust me on this. It’s not a good thing.

The muscles in that ass are so developed it could crush a man.

Forget her ass, do you see her arms?

My wife can kick my ass, but at least I can beat her armwrestling.

Damn. She’s hot.

She’s got a butt on her … so what?

She’s definitely not fat. She’s just got well … back.

“The deeper the cushion, the sweeter the pushin…the looser the waistband the deeper the quicksand…”

THat Spinal Tap song just went into my head.

I saw Smackdown last Thursday. I wish they would have Molly dress as skimpy as those other WWE girls. I would love to get caught between her legs.

Another pathetic WWE angle being foisted on fans who aren’t buying it. Do they really think they’ll improve on their ever dropping ratings by encouraging fans to yell “fat ass” at a woman who is not particularly heavy in the posterior? Now if you want to get me to start chanting “dumb ass!” at the bookers…

I think she’s pretty. What’s the big deal here?

All this is going to do is to encourage people to call other not-fat women “fat ass”. Like they don’t do that enough already. Charming.

I’m most surprised that people expect Jerry Lawler of all people to forego color commentary in favor of play-by-play announcing.

The thing is that Jerry is supposed to play a heel commentator. But when it comes to the ladies, despite Molly playing the mega heel, he spazzes himself. Then JR who’s supposed to be head of talent. and be the more objective one, jumps in and insults Molly too. Grrr.

It’s just a bad storyline in a WWE that’s been full of them lately. Since they don’t seem to be capable of doing long story arcs anymore it’ll quietly die soon. I hope they find something good for her.

And, yes, she is a hottie and her ass doesn’t appear all that fat from where I’m sitting. Although for some reason I liked her Mighty Molly get-up more.

And while I’m here what is really wrong is that the sensible, chaste, supposedly fat-assed girl is the bad guy and all the more slutty-scantily clad ones are the good guys. Something about a moral example there. Not that I complaining about the scantily clad ones you understand, there’s just something screwy there.


This storyline pisses me off.

Molly Holly, who is built like the average woman is called “fat ass” while Terri Runnels, who is a skeleton covered with a thin layer of leather and two Tupperware brand breast implants, is ok.
::shakes head::
I expect this crap from Lawler. After all, he was quoted in Raw magazine that he would only date “attractive women” His age limit? 29. His age? 52.
Jim Ross should be ashamed of himself. For booking this angle and for playing along.