"Mom! I need a Ride to the Gang Fight!"


Kids are so lazy these days! In my time, we had to WALK to the Rumble. Carrying our own weapons!

“Call me when it’s over, dear. And don’t walk home in the rain.”

God I need to move!! :mad:

A “mother of the year” candidate here was arrested for being the getaway driver for two of her sons while they carried out home invasion robberies of Mexican workers.

At least she knew where they were…

The last robbery the guys pulled she wasn’t involved and they killed two of the Mexicans.

“You know, dear, if those boys won’t give you a ride to their gangfight then maybe they’re not really your friends.”

And we’d sing and dance along the way!

Someday we’re going to beat those damned Sharks!

You forgot: Uphill! Both Ways! Barefoot! In the Snow!

…and, um, wow. I can’t believe there are parents like that.

Did she make sure to pack his switchblade first and tell him to slouch down and turn his cap around backwards?