Moments of seemingly mirraculous computer problem solving.

I seem to fix people’s computers just by using them. I walk into work sometimes to find someone tearing their hair out (figuratively) and I tap a few keys and fix the problem. Sometimes someone askes me what they think is a really obscure question on how to do something, I tap a few keys. It’s done.

Lately my step-dad’s laptop had to be reformatted and everything re-installed (by me). He spent the last 4 days trying to get his creative jukebox working, downloading all kinds of updates and software with no luck. I hadn’t had time to even look at it until yesterday. I turned it on. Opened the media software he downloaded…

“Er… It seems to be working”

After much suprise and gratitude he told me the story about how my mum, as computer literate as the next woman over 50, solved a hair-tairing hour of bafflement involving several tech professionals and my step-dad, with one suggestion…

“Try pressing the number lock key”

“ooo k [we’ll humour her]”

Bingo. It worked.