Mommy, I love you but...

What kind of 34 yo man refers to his mother as “Mommy” anyway?

Well, I do-don’t look too unkindly on me for it.

I sent my Pro-Bush Mommy the URL for Bush in 30 seconds with the following text:

My Mom’s response follows:

How can this be the woman who bore me? :confused:

My prediction for 2004, Bush in a landslide. :frowning:

Dude, your mom called you a terrorist. That’s messed up.

Yea, making a few ads is just the same as blowing up and killing 4000 people.

No offense, but to quote Eric Cartman, “Your mom is a stupid bitch!”

Damn, your name isn’t Kyle, by any chance? If so, I’ve got just the song for the occasion.

What kind of moronic twat calls her own kid a terrorist for not agreeing with Bush’s actions? That’s way beyond fucked up.

Aw, give Mommy a break. She’s using the method of manipulating her child through guilt that’s been done since the beginning of time.

The fact that choosybeggar still calls her “Mommy” means he can’t fathom calling her anything else, because to her that means he loves her less. That’s her motivation for calling him a terrorist. “You’re running around with that crowd of anarchists instead of spending more time with your loving mother? What kind of son did I raise?”

Best to not talk politics with your family. Best to not send the political forwards at all. Neither of you is going to change the other’s mind; it could only lead to hurt feelings and offense.

I think this post is on the mark. She’s really not a bitch (honest). And I don’t think she’s calling me a terrorist either. I think by “them” she refers to anti-Bushies.

Receiving this didn’t upset me. And I hope the political dialog between us continues. I’m trying to do my small part for a Bush defeat in 2004. :cool:

And from now on she’s strictly Lil to me.

I came very close to pitting my Mom for her Bush-loving today, after she told me yet again how much she admires him because she gets emails about what a great Christian he is…

HEY, that’s not what I meant by Bush-loving, ya perv!

Your Mommy rocks!

Our Mommies could be buddies.

Of my late Dad, my Mom, my younger brother & myself, there are no liberals, just conserivatives who drift to be liberal on certain issues. For a short time in the 1980s, though, we did like Jesse Jackson when he seemed to be a principled non-Establishment populist instead of a radical Lefty party hack.

My dad has always been very conservative, both fiscally and socially. However, he has had his fill of Bush, because he thinks that Bush is going WAY too far with the social conservatism. Daddy (yes, I still call my father Daddy) thinks that legislating morality is NOT social conservatism at all, at all.

I just hope he doesn’t have another heart attack on Election Day this year, from having to vote for a Democrat presidential candidate.

Well obviously! :wink: