Mommy, WOW . I'm a Biggirl now!

Or I will be on the 31st. That’s my birthday. I’ll be all of 17, give or take a few decades. So I’m tooting my own horn (I hear the former Surgeon General got fired for suggesting we all learn how to do this) and telling one and all how great I am and what a very good thing it is that I happened to have been born.

Why is it a good thing? Well, um, because of. . . that is to say, err. . .

I can’t think of anything right now, but I’m sure there is at least one good thing that has come to pass because of my birth. I could mention my kids, but they’re 13 now and both are sarcastic little miscreants filled with hormones and attitude. But it is a good thing I was born, I’ll just have to think harder to come up with why. Until I do, why don’t you tell me why it was a good thing that you were born. What great, good and wonderful thing can be attributed to the mere fact that you were pushed out into the world that day?

P.S., this is not a DopeFest thread but I’d like to mention that I’ll be at Polly Ester’s on Sat Jan 27. If you wanna come and buy me a drink and toast the anniversary of my fortuitous birth, just come in and look for the loud, drunk, big girl.

At Polly Ester’s? Which loud, drunk, big girl? :smiley:

Happy early birthday, kiddo. Shake, shake, shake, shake your bootie!


What, you mean besides the culmination of all of human history?

Happy (almost) 17th, Biggirl! (Talk about yer young mothers.)

Here’s some Huggies in case you get to wasted.

In case I get wasted? Do you think there will be any bout a doubt it?

Happy b-day, hon!

And you ROCK! :slight_smile:

No bout a doubt it, here! :wink:

And…I just may buy you that birthday drink at Polly Ester’s on the 27th…if you tell me where that establishment is. (I know…I don’t get out much.)


I wish I could haul my ass up there to celebrate with you, but this school shit might get in the way. Regardless, I wish you the very best. Try and have a good time without me, but remember me when you hit the dance floor please! :wink:

I’m trying to think what has happened because I was born… Well, I hope that I showed all those kids in elementary school that NERDS RULE after all, since they ended up going to crappy city schools and I got bussed to private county schools on full scholarships. Who’s teasing who now, huh? Who’s going to college and who’re high school dropouts? Mmmm, that’s what I thought.

Way to go, Biggirl. I promise to have a drink in your honor! :slight_smile:

Here’s a stinky linky dinky, CajunMan. See, a reason why it’s a good thing I was born. To provide CM with this link to Poly Ester’s.

And a damn good reason that is…thanks, hon!

(A whole six blocks from my apartment.)