Well, it's my unbirthday too!

And tomorrow, the 11th, is officially hypergirl’s birthday. Help me celebrate this lovely event and have some merriment. [Oh, and BTW Jess, thank you sooooo much for the ugly unbirthday gift. So thoughtful of you, and thank god there are size C batteries in my house somewhere. ;)]

Happy birthday, sweetie. {{{{{{{hypergirl}}}}}}}

Ok, let’s see, I’ve got the usual fare: wet bar, twister, flavoured/scented oils, lots of sweet tasting condiments, hot tub, jello wrestling pool, and, of course, cute little [well, I’m not truly little] me, the hostess of this event.

HAppy Birthday Jess!!

Now since its a party, I will now take my customary post aganist the wall, watching at the craziness as it unfolds.

Happy, happy birthday hypergirl!

Looks like your lovely hostess has provided you with all the essentials you need to celebrate in a truly grand style.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Happy birthday Hypergirl! Do you want a similar present to Skug’s? :wink:

Hey! I was going to start this thread. Oh well, I guess if the part is thrown for me I get to sit back and relax. Someone bring me a drink, and I could really go for a massage. And Monster, I got a present like Tasha’s only mine is cute and purple and hers is ugly.

I don’t want to know…

Happy BD, HG. Have a good one.

You’re the one who decided to not look at it before buying it for me. Ugh, jeez. Well, mine isn’t travel size either.

I couldn’t look at it! It was in a sealed package. You could barely get it open and you were trying.

It was taped shut!

Yes, I know this!!! Why did no one bring me my drink? Why aren’t there any guys in here. This party had better not die so soon. How about this. If this party hits 30 replies I’ll get naked.

::Thinks to self how this will lure people in::

Then I’ve got you all right where I want you! Heeheehee!

Well here I am, doing my part to get hypergirl naked. C’mon everyone help me out. In case anyone is wondering, I will be over in the jello pool waiting for all the cuties to walk too close so I can pull them in.

Just curious, what flavor is the jello? I will only go swimming in cherry. A woman has to have some standards. :slight_smile:

Its your lucky day, Cherry,
Now, if only you would come a little closer,
::lunges at hypergirl::

Hey, I have no problem diving in cherry jello. The red color just accents my features. But the tiny bikini stays on until this shindig hits 30 posts. Got it?

::Splashes fnord with jello. Gotcha. :)::

Oh, and I forgot, cherry jello tastes good, so it’s an added bonus for anyone who cares to lick it off.

I like cherry. Count me in!

Sure, the more the merrier, but just for the record, My bikini is staying on too. :smiley:

And that’s probably a good thing.

Did I mention that the requisite 30 posts for me to get naked doesn’t include my posts. You had better get moving boys. :slight_smile: