Mom's cancer treatment update.

Her chemo’s over. The hair has started to grow back (a little greyer, but still…)

All better/no more boo-boos. :wink:

There’s gonna be a Merry Christmas at Maison Bosda this year, I reckon. :smiley:

I am always happy to hear good news. What a great Christmas present for your family.

And I actually bet your mom looks good in her new hairdo.

Great news for you, your mother and your family! Best wishes to all of you. My own mother goes for a pulmonary function test this week pursuant to a potential emphysema diagnosis. I’m really hoping it isn’t.

Great news man!

Merry Christmas!

That’s probably the best news I have heard all day!!! :smiley:

fantastic news!

That’s absolutely wonderful!!!
Happy holidays!

Glad to hear it, Bosda.

And best wishes to you and your mom, pl.

pl----I hope you get news as good as mine.