My sister washed her hair!

A mundane and pointless title, sure.

In February my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. In March she has a mastectomy on one side. She went through chemo, shaving her head almost immediately after round one when she started losing clumps. She finished chemo about three weeks ago, and started radiation. She has about three weeks of radiation to go.

She washed her hair for the first time since she went bald today. It isn’t much hair - baby fine and invisible, but there is hair.

(38 years old, two little kids, no risk factors, do your breast self exams, ladies - she found the lump scratching an itch)

Awesome! I am so glad to hear it!

My friend just got her hair back after her chemo and radiation (diagnosis spring 2006), only to find out her cancer is back and she’s doing it all again.

At least she’s only losing an inch of hair this time… :rolleyes:

Sorry, I meant spring 2005, missed the edit window…

I wish her the best.

I feel bad for bitching about how much I hate my hair. I think it’s time to chop it off and donate to Locks of Love.

And thanks for the reminder about the self-exams. Those are so easy to forget.

Congrats to your sister. My mother has lost her hair 3 times now and each time that it has come back, it’s been the reason for celebration.

Now if it wasn’t falling out in clumps that’d be a whole other reason for celebration. Stupid cancer… :frowning:

Congrats to your sister! I remember when my mom’s hair came back in. It was baby fine, like a little bird. And then as it got a bit fuller (though still grey) we referred to it as her James Brolin look.

My friend celebrated this event once her’s grew back (ovarian CA-found by her because she insisted that something wasn’t “right”). Hers grew back salt and pepper and with a wave (she’d been brown and stick straight). It looks sexy as hell.

Congrats to your sister–and I hope she continues to grow a thick thatch on her head.


Best wishes for her continued recovery.

My sister has always had lousy hair - thin and fine and body-less - plus that lifeless mousey brown. She is sort of hoping for a phase change - while bald was worse, any head of hair she gets now can’t be much worse than what she started with.

Congrats to your sister! I understand completely.

When my hair grew back in after chemo, it was fine and full of split ends and uncontrollable. I shaved it again, and it grew back great.

YES, do the self exams. I’m a guy, and I found an odd lump in my chest. I had a male friend that got breast cancer, so I had it checked. Turned out to be an odd lymphoma. Catching it when I did probably saved my life.