Mom's in the hospital. Again.

This is slightly related to Tris’ thread about his poor daughter’s battle with pneumonia. I mentioned in that thread that my mother was recently released from the hospital after her own bout with it.

Well, she’s back in. She was up all last night having breathing problems, and during her appointment today, her doctor decided to put her back in the hospital because she’s not recovering as fast as she should. She’d only been out a little over a week. However, she’s had this crap for almost a month. <sigh> All the relatives have been notified. Again.

I’m still praying for Tris’s Sweetie Pie and hoping for her full recovery. But I could use some good thoughts for my Mommy. She has asthma, her immune system is weak, and she’s been sick far too long.

I just hope when they release her this time, she’s fully recovered and healthy enough so she doesn’t have to go back in.

That must be really tough on your mom and you and your family. Prayers for a full and speedy recovery. How long was she hospitalized the first time?

All my best thoughts to you and your Mother. Hope her recovery speeds up.

Thanks to Salem and Yllaria for the good thoughts, they are appreciated.

The good news is, Mom was released from the hospital at five this evening. The bad news is, she really shouldn’t have been. She’s still in a lot of pain due to her pleurisy (an infection of the membrane between the lungs and rib cage) in addition to her pneumonia. The reason she was released is her insurance refused to pay for her stay because she wasn’t “sick enough.” She’s out cold right now because of the painkillers. I just hope she doesn’t have to go back.

Oops, forgot to answer a question. She was hospitalized for three days the first time, after going to the emergency room. This was after about three weeks of pneumonia which had developed from the flu.

Don’t you just love that? Let me check your temperature. Oh wait, let me check your insurance first…
(Not a slam on individual healthcare providers, but on the system, and I certainly don’t want to hijack this thread with a debate.)
Are you the main caregiver for your mom? I know how tough it is to see your parents sick. Continued prayers to you both.

Her provider is Blue Cross and Blue Shield, as provided by the government. Dad says he’s going to be seriously pissed if she has to go back because she was released too soon.

My thoughts are with you and your family, KCSuze. I hope your Mom recovers quickly. Remember to take care of yourself, the stress you’re under can be enormous. Keep thinking healthy, positive thoughts.

Awwwww. I hope your mom recovers quickly, Suze! Sending good thoughts her way. :slight_smile:

No problem praying for Suzemom. A burden shared is a burden lightened, and a joy shared is a joy multiplied.


Amen. Let me add my prayers to the rest for your mom, Suze.
And Tris, sorry to hear about your own Sweetie Pie. I’ll have to go look for that thread.
{{{{{{Suze and mom}}}}}}

Thanks muchly to truthbot, Tris, Q.E.D. and purplebear for the added good thoughts and prayers, they are indeed appreciated.

Update: Mom’s still home, recovering. She’s rather cranky, so we know she’s doing better. :slight_smile: She’s still bedridden, though she makes occasional forays into the kitchen. Dad and I are making sure she’s not overextending herself, and I’ve long since taken over her household duties. I’m still pretty stressed about the whole thing, but less so than before.

Thanks to everyone for the good thoughts and wishes, they’ve sure helped.

Sending warm thoughts your way. :slight_smile: