Mom's spending her birthday in hospital.

So yesterday my mother fainted in the parking lot of a coffee shop and fell face first in the parking lot. Her face is scratched and she had one hell of a nose bleed, but no nothing’s broken. She would not let my father take her to the ER because she didn’t want to spend hours waiting only to be told to see her PCP and get stuck with a $200 copay. So she called her doctor as soon as the office opened this morning and they told her to go the ER right away instead of coming to them. :smack: She spent the entire afternoon in the ER before they decided to send her direct to inpatient status and admit her over night. Also today is her birthday. And I wasted one dollar parking in the hospital parking garage when I could’ve parked on the street for free because they turn the meters off in the evening. :rolleyes:

How old is mom? Hope she is okay…tell her she got a spa vacation for her birthday gift.

So sorry to hear about the dollar. :dubious: