Monday Night Football

Wow, nice game! MNF is 2-0 so far this year. Both games decided in the final minutes. 77 points last week, 39 tonight.

Did the league get better at scheduling MNF or did we just get lucky these past two weeks? Overall, I think this looks to be one of the best Monday Night schedules in years. I hope so, anyway.

Downsides: I haven’t been overly impressed with Dennis Miller (who I was kind of rooting for), and Dickerson just plain sucks! I could probably overlook these flaws if ABC saw fit to give Melissa Stark a little more screen time. :wink:

<homer simpson>Mmmmmmm, Melissa Stark…</homer simpson>

yeah Dennis Miller is rank. i read a really funny article from sports direct about how bad he is last week, but i lost it. dickerson… yikes. that’s all i can say about that. i hate melissa starks. leslie visser had at LEAST 3-4 seasons left in her. it’s not like she wasn’t sexy either, and at least she knew the sports. that two-dolla-ho starks just flirts with the QBs.

i think there’s something about monday night that brings out the best in teams. or the worst in teams’ defenses, at any rate. although saint louis gave up an alarming number of points to seattle too, maybe their defense just figures they dont even have to show up because the offense is so good… but i don’t know what was up tonight, the jets should have cleaned up new england np. there are some pretty amazing MNF games planned down the line though, i’m looking forward to the rest of the season.

Gatsby said:

On the other hand, how many other people would refer to the New England Patriots, the New York Jets, and the House of Plantagenet in the same sentence?

MysterEcks, I can answer that question. Exactly zero. However, I just haven’t found him to be particularly funny, informative, or charismatic on MNF. Not only that, he hasn’t even said “golly” in place of “fuck” like he promised us on his HBO show. In short, I think he adds nothing to the lineup.

White Lightning, methinks thou hast sniffed too much glue. Leslie Visser over Melissa Starks? Puh-leeze! Yeah, you’re right, Melissa Starks doesn’t know shit about sports. I think they picked her up from some Aaron Spelling show or something. :rolleyes:

yeah. she doesn’t know shit about sports – and that’s not sexy. leslie visser may be pushing 40 – but she’s damn smart. and that’s sexy.

I am a huge Dennis Miller fan, so I’ll just say in regards to him: I like him.

But, I am also a huge New England Patriots fan so I’d just like to say in regards to the game last night:


My kingdom for an offensive line!

Ok, now I’m pissed!!!

Melissa Stark is a fucking great pick for the sideline job. Visser wasn’t terrible, but she looked so damn stupid in all those hats. And Visser had only an average knowledge of football after doing the job for a decade. Anyone who says Stark doesn’t know her sports or her football is a moron. You obviously haven’t been watching her in the past cause she most definately knows her sports, and football is her forte. She was excellent on the NFL2Night and was always one of the better regional NFL field reporters in her first year. Fact is, you’re just buying into the blondes are dumb stereotype, she most certainly knows her stuff. And on top of that she is drop dead gorgeous, and nothing is sexier than a woman talking football with me…well maybe not “nothing” but its the sexiest thing she can do in public ;). I’m sure she got selected after only a few years of experience based on her looks, but she’s the best talent in the booth behind Al. She did have an off night last night, however.

Dennis Miller had a good game last night, the best of them all so far. He scraped most all of his prepared material and that made him seem alot more natural and easy to listen to. I even liked alot of his prepared jokes in past weeks, but it was awkward in the booth and Al isn’t making it easy on him. The smartest thing he does is ask questions about plays and calls, unlike most of the guys in the booths who think they’re know-it-alls, he lets Fouts do the explaining.

Fouts was my pick when I first heard there was an opening, and I think he was one of the best college football broadcasters, behind Keith Jackson and Bob Griese. He hasn’t been as good in the booth this year because he’s a little nervous too, and is compensating by trying to do too much. He does get along with Miller, and its too bad Al can’t give either of these guys a chance.

Al’s a excellent play-by-play guy, but he’s a total dick in the booth. I don’t think he’ll let anyone work in there unless he gets his butt-buddies Gifford and Dildorf back. Maybe they should scrap him, and develop a new team in the booth.

Dickerson is getting a million times better, and by season’s end he’ll be 100x’s better than Lynn Swann ever was. Now he’s still a bit stiff, but he knows his stuff.

Stuttering John interviewed Dennis Miller for the Howard Stern show recently at Miller’s press conference. It sounded like his freakish questions (Do you think you’ll make any references to Marcus Aurelius on next week’s show? If you make a joke with references nobody gets, is it still a joke?) were the most interesting part of it. Miller tried to be a good sport and played along, but kind of flopped.

But at least he didn’t come off looking like an ass.

Dennis Miller has been lame.

The really funny part is, the reason they needed Dennis Miller or Rush or someone is because MNF has sucked. With the past two games I would almost have those guys just shut the hell up and let the players just play.

Gotta admit, the second and third quarters did need something to make them worthwhile.

Being from New York, I have two words for the NE fans - HA HA.


Curse thee, CandyMan.

Well, we all know some of his references can get a bit arcane. Luckily, the good people at have come to rescue. Here’s the meaning behind all those obscurities.

Speaking of Keith Jackson.
Have I completely lost my memory, or wasn’t last year supposed to be his farewell tour? I thought he was retired, but then I saw him doing a game last Saturday, Nebraska-Notre Dame I think.

I think this is the second season he’s worked since he retired. Can’t keep a good man down I guess.

Kieth Jackson retired 2 and a half years ago, with the FSU-Tenn Rose Bowl being his last game (IIRC). As the following season began he changed his mind and agreed to do only west coast games, and had control over when and where he went. So basically since he makes his own schedule he felt that he could continue the job.