Money question

This question was inspired by an episode of Daria, entitled Speedtrapped.

Daria and her sister Quinn take a road trip to a small town to bail out Daria’s best friend Jane, Jane’s brother Trent, and Trent’s band. Daria gets the money needed for bail from Jane’s house.

Along the way, Daria and Quinn pick up a hitchhiker. Quinn uses up all of Jane’s money on an outfit for herself (the hitchhiker was going to buy it but had no money) and on a bus ticket for hitchhiker. Hitchhiker promises to send back the money he spent to them.

They eventually get the money back at a bar (old cowboys can’t resist cute Quinn’s comely ways). Though actually the bail money isn’t needed, but this isn’t really all that important…

My question is, if the hitchhiker had paid back the cash (doubtful, I know), what should have happened to it? Would Quinn have been entitled to it, even though the cowboy was paying her back for money she wasn’t entitled to spend in the first place? Would Jane (even though Jane got back $100 in the end)?

Sounds like the answer is no, Quinn should give the $100 back to Jane. But Quinn does get to keep the outfit the hitchhiker “bought her.”

When you say $100, you mean the additional $100 that the hitchhiker returned, yes? That does make sense, even though she does have her original one hundred dollars back. Quinn making money off of money she didn’t have to begin with would seem really wrong.