Monica Lewinsky hosts the new reality crap-fest, Mr. Personality!

Just when you thought reality tv couldn’t possibly suck any more than it already does - here comes Monica Lewinsky hosting Mr. Personality!

The masks are pretty crappy - you can totally get a pretty good idea of what the guys look like, since it basically only covers their nose, cheeks and hair. :dubious:

Phantom of the Opera + The Bachelorette = No tv for Lola.


Nice addition of the “Monica Lewinsky” smilie. :smiley:

I think I’ll pass on this one, too.

Plus, you know all the guys are going to be good-looking anyway, so that really eliminates any possible drama. Ooooh! Will she end up with the tall hot blonde guy with the hard body? Or will she end up with the tall hot brunette guy with the hard body? You never know! :rolleyes:

Yeah, why not get a really nice but horribly-disfigured guy to throw into the mix?


I feel really badly for the poor schmoe who appears on the promos: “Things could get really ugly,” the announcer says, as this big-nosed guy takes off the mask and grins at us. He’s not hideous by any means, but can imagine being cast for this simply because you’re “comically ugly?”

I had to wonder hearing that commercial, who thought the tag line “Hosted by Monica Lewinsky!” would attract any viewers who were teetering on the edge?

Would I be considered too shallow if I pointed out, that whatever her faults, Monica Lewinsky has great hair? Whatever.

Tina Fey had the line, “Now when Monica is asked what the most degrading thing she’s ever done, she’ll have a new answer!”

What a bunch of snobs. I’m really the only one with the guts to admit I’m going to check this out tonight?

Watching the commercials, I was amused to discover that, to my taste, the ‘ugly’ guy really wasn’t that bad looking. I mean, yes, his nose was a little long, but a sharp nose can be nice-looking, and he had a cute smile. If he was nice, I’d certainly go out with him, probably before some of the male-model types who peopled the rest of the ad.

Fox TV has reached a new low with this show. What’s really sad is that next fall Fox will come out with an even more despicable show and they will reach a whole new low then.

Must be all that protein conditioner.

I’ll only watch if it is a craptacular crap-fest.

One of the guys should have elephant man’s disease and have a mask like the real E.M. had. And he had a great personality too.
Sorry. I listen to too much Phil Hendrie.

And if it is, and you do…will you then change yer name to The Craptrovert???

(I don’t even know what that means)

I’ll be watching, I love a good train wreck.

If I may I’d like to disagree with the OP on a few points (and even if I mayn’t, Ima gonna do it anyways)

This is sooo not the suckiest reality TV show. Married By America, Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire, Hot or Not and Scare Tactics all have premises that are far, far worse.

What’s with the Monica Lewinsky derision? What did she do that most women haven’t? Why is the fact that she’s hosting the show make it that much worse?

I’m not an expert in reality shows since I don’t really watch them, but this one seems much milder than most.

My ass is SOOOOOOOOOOOO planted in front of this show!

Perform oral sex on a US President in the Oval Office?

Joking aside, I don’t think most women have been involved in an adulterous relationship.

Sure not most women haven’t been involved in adulterous relationships but I bet a large portion of those who have are in show business. It didn’t hurt Elizabeth Taylor, Meg Ryan or Katheryn Hepburn to name but a few. And if you are gonna have an adulterous relationship, why not with the leader of the free world?

Sure, you may!

While I do think Monica Lewinsky hosting a reality show is pretty bizarre, the main focus of my OP was my beef with this show’s premise of “masked” men being judged by their personalities and not their looks, yet the masks barely cover their features! You can totally get a sense of what they look like!

Therein lies the suck-factor.

PS - If you think that was being derisive, I’m glad you didn’t see what I posted about the cast of “I’m a Celebrity, Get me outta here!” :wink: