The reality show for Doper Guys!

It’s “Mr. Personality”. There are two REALLY bad things about it: first, it’s on Fox; second, it’s hosted by Monica Lewinsky.

But I like the general premise: the men competing for the woman have to compete on charm, wit and personality. She never SEES them. From this Fox site:

The bummer is it’s already to late to throw my hat into the ring. Submissions were due March 8th, and I never heard of this thing till I caught a story abbout Lewinsky hosting it.

Of course, Fox can’t pass up a chance for possible on-camera humiliation:

Imagine the shame if her face collapsed in disappointment upon first sight. Which is why, in reality, I wouldn’t have applied for this if I HAD heard of it in time. I hardly ever even ask women out because I hate being rejected. But that’s another thread, one that I’ve already done.