She-e-e-e's Ba-a-a-ack!

Monica Lewinsky is to host a “reality” dating show on (get this…!) FOX.

This show is SO gonna suck!

let’s see how many oral sex jokes/puns we can get on this topic…

I don’t if it will suck, but it will definitely blow.

A crappy show on FOX? No way! I never would have believed it.

She devil with a blew dress on.

Make it go away… please make it go away :eek:

… this is a sad…sad…day

How do they expect us to swallow that?

She couldn’t get her own TV show if she went down on her knees

Okay, I read this article earlier, and was weirded out by the picture. The link in the OP doesn’t have a picture, but the one I saw on Yahoo does. Look at her. Has she had plastic surgery???

What buxom eyes!

I saw a pic in USA Today. Her mouth was open…I wonder if that was intentional.

/me passes out cigars

Aw, c’mon guys, we’re just gonna have to take it on the chin.


I’m sure she’ll have a ball with that.

Who’d she have to blow to get that job?

I saw this coming.

I still think she is kinda cute.

How many ostriches had to die to cover that vast expanse of flesh! Oh the aviary!

Are they nuts?

Those contestants must be gagging for it :slight_smile: