Monk: Another Series On The Way Out

Without Monk, how will the young people learn that San Francisco is an amazingly small town where anybody new you meet is probably a murderer?

I don’t recall when exactly I realized that Monk was no longer a mystery show. Monk is brilliant, but he doesn’t usually solve crimes – crimes solve themselves right in front of him. But I have generally savored the silliness of the show’s premise.

I too wonder what’s to become of Psyche, since it was in many ways the Gen-X Monk.

Even though I like The Mentalist, which I see as a closer aligned successor to Monk than Psych is, I still prefer the whimsy of Monk.

There’s always the chance of a spinoff.

How does “The Randy Disher Project” sound?

I liked the show, but stopped watching it a while ago. I am interested in how they wrap things up. I wonder if this announcement will actually increase ratings for the last season…

It sounds like I’m going to have I Don’t Need A Badge stuck in my head for two weeks again. You’ll pay for that.

I haven’t been watching Monk for a year or two, as the quality was just lacking. I know this is an old complaint, but I missed Sharona. Not that Natalie was a bad or annoying character once I got used to her, but Sharona was just awesome. Fiery and stubborn, but really very sweet and caring once you got down to it. Also, the plots and characters just got old after a while. I don’t know if it was just me, or if the writing really was different, but I just couldn’t pay any attention because everything was so annoying and “ugh, haven’t we seen this a million times already?” I really do want to see how things wrap up, and whether or not Monk will find Trudy’s killer (can you imagine the reaction if the writers never wrapped up the story?). So, I might watch the last season.

I’m glad to see Monk go. I still enjoy it, but I can see why others have grown weary of it; I want it to end while I still look forward to watching it when I can.

Of course, if they agree to outfit Traylor Howard only in mini-dresses, I will retract my willingness to see it end.

I think the best thing about the show going is that I’m hoping it will give Tony Shaloub more things to do in the future. I always loved him pre-Adrian (from Wings to movies like Big Night and Galaxy Quest) and worried that Monk may have seriously typecast him in the future. He’s too good to be pigeonholed, and going before the show has too obviously outlasted its welcome is welcome news.

Here’s hoping we get one more appearance by John Turturro as well before the show bows.

Wow, I’d rather fantasizing about Sharona following me around all day. At least she wore miniskirts…

I fantasize about Adrian Monk coming to my house and cleaning it. Everything surgically sterile and perfectly organize, it would be bliss.

Both Bitty Schram and Traylor Howard have their charms. Natalie is a hair comelier, but I suspect Sharona woud be more, ah, skillful in the erotic arts.

And that the SFPD’s jurisdiction inclues the entire Bay Area?

Sad news, but it was time. Now I’ll have to find a new show to claim the prize of “fakest depiction of San Francisco on TV.” There’s always re-runs of Charmed, I guess.

I just have a hard time finding Sharona attractive for some reason.

As far as the paper thin plots, unrealistic events and overly convenient clues…that stuff doesn’t bother me. Those are just simple devices used to make the characters interact, which is what draws me in. Monk with his environment, Stottlemyer with Randy, Natalie with denim.

I find it really strange how many of you are talking about Monk going downhill… I guess any show starts to run its course after enough seasons, but frankly I still love this show and think there’s quite a few good episodes left in it. Personally though I think the second half of season 7, which is the part that’s coming back on Jan 9, is gearing up to be really good. I was taking a look at some of the guest stars (and I always love the episodes with big name guest stars) and they’re looking good. Bradley Whitford, for one (of West Wing and Studio 60 fame), is going to show up, though I have no idea what he’ll be… victim, bystander, villain, etc…

And while we’re at it, what’s with The New Brother? Monk was always portrayed as having one, and just throwing in guest stars is shallow at best. At least pick a good actor.

I, too began losing interest when Sharona left. I sometimes watch when Mrs. Plant has it on. I would certainly watch a last season to find out about Trudy, though.

Whereas I hate shows like that with guest “stars”…it is always a given that the most famous guest starts are the murderer. Maybe it is in their contract, or maybe they are only enticed to do it if they can be evil or something, but damn…not only MONK, but 98% of the time a guest star on a crime/mystery show will always be the “surprise” killer. Ruins any interest in trying to figure out whodunit.

It isnt the actors fault, it is the writers at fault …

It’s his half brother, who has been talked about before in the episode last season where he finally caught up with his dad. He went to his job and no one knew about Monk or Ambrose, only the half brother. So it’s not like “Hey, lets just introduce a family member for the hell of it.”

Monk has never been much of a whodunit though. It’s more of a howtheydunit.