Monkeypox - WTF!!!

There is a MPSIMS thread on this - We’ve got Monkeypox! - but I don’t think it does it justice.

WHAT THE FUCK. Now we’ve got monkeypox here in the US. And Monkeypox Cases Increase to 37 in Midwest. Some salient points are:

“They said it was too soon to say whether the outbreak, caused by a close relative of the smallpox virus, would continue to grow or might soon burn itself out.”

“Even after local scientists determined that a pox virus was involved – an event that several experts said should have triggered alarm bells – it took several days for the CDC to be informed.”

“Monkeypox has proven fatal in as many as 10 percent of humans infected in Africa”

“Of particular concern, said Ostroff, is the possibility that people will release infected prairie dogs into the wild, which could allow the virus to spread to indigenous rodents.”

Fuck, we don’t have enough animals native to this country, some assholes need to own foreign animals. These animals are sick and we get exotic diseases here.

Hell, just another reason why we shouldn’t go outside unless in a bio-hazard suit.