Monkeys Control Robotic Arm with Brain!

That’s the Headline on Yahoo! news (except for the exclamation point, which I added). It reads like the intertitle from some cheap 1950s science fiction/horror thriller. Who cares about grabbing fruits and vegetables? we know what they really want.

[Mojo Jojo]Yes! I, Mojo Jojo, control the world! Which is what I, Mojo Jojo, wish to do![/Mojo Jojo]

Forgot the link:

I for one, welcome our cyborg simian overlords.

I’d say that it’s just a matter of time before they can mentally control the 1920’s style death ray.

Do I still get my wishes if the monkey hand is cybornetic?

I was wondering why I had that sudden urge to fling feces yesterday.