I so pissed off… I just found out that my boyfriend has mono and that I have it too. I dont’ wanna be tired and I{m extremely pissed.

Youch, I’m sorry. How bad does he have it? If you’re lucky, he only has a mild case of it and it’ll be gone in a couple weeks.


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“I once thought I had Mono for an entire year. It turned out that I was just really really bored.”

He only has a mild case… didn’t even realize that he had it. But when I did some reading on it I read that mono is often mistaken for lower respirtory infection and I was just diagnosed with bronchitis which would be a lower respirtory infection.


Be careful, when you have it, you also can get other infections on top of it. My son had it one year ago, got diagnosed with it on a Sunday, by Wednesday night he was admitted to the ICU with a combination of Mono and strep, was in the hospital for 4 days.

don’t try to overdo, baby yourself for a while til you know how serious your case is.

Yea be really, really gentle on yourself. I got it in high school during my “I can do everything” phase. Jsut get some rest. I remember waking up every morning swearing I was going to go to school that day if it killed me and by the time I was dressed needing to sleep for another five hours.

I called my teachers crying, I hated feeling that helpless and unable to do things. Its was not a good time. So just relax, get rest, take care of yourself, and it will go away. Don’t push yourself through it, it doesn’t like that.

I hate it controlling what I do!!! I am tired of being tired!!!

yes, it can be very frustrating. However, from watching my son struggles, pushing yourself when you’re tired won’t help.

Try things like: use elevators instead of stairs, sit and rest frequently, even if it’s only for a minute or so. I know it’s difficult, but it can help quite a bit. even going to bed a little earlier or taking a nap on a weekend day, can help a lot.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I had a very bad, but mercifully brief, case in college. Achy, tired. Bleah. And watch out for those other infections - in many cases, including mine, mono is associated with hepatitis A, which, even though it is non-chronic, can kill you. At best, you’ll never be allowed to give blood again (they won’t take your blood less than two years after you’ve had mono, as well).

I have not yet got the results of my blood test they were supposed to come in today at 3pm however the lab did not get them finished. Is it best for me to assume I do have mono until I get the results? Or Assume that I don’t?
I mean I know for a fact that I cannot go about my usual life due to my sore throat and Bronchitas (not to mention how wiped out I feel). However I don’t know about interacting with others…

absolutely act as if you’re contagious! Do NOT share drinks, food etc with other people until you know for certain (and if you test positive, for quite a while afterwards, too).

If you have a sore throat, that’s one of the signs, as you’ve probably been told. My son also had swelling in the glands outside his neck.

jadailey is right. I can only hope you have a mild case, if in fact you have it at all. I did not have the mild dose. Got it in college (mono-hepatitis and tonsillitis as well) and it took me a month to recover. And I cannot donate blood even now, 18 years later.
It weakens your organs and they could rupture if you get too boisterous. Not trying to scare you, but please consider these words, as they come from one who knows: REST, EAT WELL, and REST!

Good luck.

How is it possible for me to eat well when I have no appeatite at all?

The last couple days eating has been something that I’ve been forcing myself to do. I’m not hungry at all! However eating soft foods is making my throat better… soo… that is helping some…

popsicles, ice cream, pudding, yogurt, (stay away from popcorn, nuts, potato chips, things with edges, but you knew that).
bananas are good, too. (and good for you).

Absolutely keep fluids going - dehydration is a real problem.

Yes, I do recall great difficulty with eating or even wanting to eat. But keeping yourself fed and hydrated is crucial.

strawberry I hate to say it, but, even though you haven’t gotten your test results back, it sounds to me like you definitely have it. It sucks I know (those of use sho have posted to this thread ALL know), but your very LIFE is at stake here, especially if you contract hepatitis A (chat with Ayesha - she’s a great resource for hepatitis info). You won’t die from Mono alone, but it does put you at risk for much worse. Take care of yourself. Nothing is important enough for you to potentially die for when a few weeks will see you back on your feet and well. Bland food, love. Egg drop soup is a wonderful thing for Mononucleosis sufferers. Lotsa protein, fairly bland. I had Mono over a Thanksgiving - great fun!

Best wishes. We’re all pulling for a mild case and a quick recovery!


Sorry about the typos, folks. Comes of having a few too many watching my Indians FINALLY win one.

I had mono just about a year ago. Yeah, right before I left for London on spring break. It was great. I got it from an my boyfriend (ex now, this is not Jester). He hadn’t really known he had it, he just felt ‘off’ for about a week.
When I got it, it was all out. I couldn’t talk at ALL, my throat was so sore. (And I sing, so that was torture)
If it’s not that bad, there’s nothing a doctor can do. I was sick for two weeks and all I could do was stare with glazed eyes and drooping jaw, at my roof.
BUT, if you feel like your throat is closing or anything like that, tell someone and you can get steriods. My best friend had to get those and so did another friend, because they started having trouble breathing.
Another tip, after it clears up, you should still take it easy. I was told that one can get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after having mono and that just didn’t sound too happy to me…

Feel better! It’ll go away soon…

I feel ill… Instead of feeling better I’m actually feeling worse. I think I forced myself too hard today. I don’t know exactly how easy I"m supposed to take it. I don’t think spending a day in bed is gonna work for me. That would drive me insane.

And is my throat supposed to be feeling worse? I"m on antibiotics for bronchius and I don’t feel as filled up in my chest now… however my throat feels like someone has stuffed an orange down it and it is throbbing somewhere in there…

It sucks :frowning:

But I will mention that all the advice I"m getting on here is becoming VERY helpful. I appreacate it tons!! :slight_smile:

Okay about all this hepatitis stuff… how exactly is it possible to contract hepatitis A from it?