Monster Mud - Arena Cleanup?

How do the pros clean up after a monster truck (or similar) event? Do they assemble a false floor maybe 0.5 ft over the existing surface for easy set-up and breakdown?

They lay down a bunch of plastic sheeting then 1 inch thick sheets of plywood. Then the dirt is dumped on top of that. My brother worked at a sports venue that hosted motorsports events. He said it would take 3 or 4 days to set up the event and less than a day to clean it up. The dirt that is used is stored in a warehouse near the arena and is used over and over.

There was a Modern Marvels episode which covered this. I think the title was “Dirt”. Among other segments, they show assembly & takedown of a stadium motocross track. You might be able to watch it online.

It went just like **racer72 **said.

Clean up can go really fast I’ve been told.
In fact the Metrodome in Minneapolis had a Monster Jam show on Saturday night January 23rd ending around 10pm.
If the Arizona Cardinals had beaten the Saints they were due to play the Vikings in the Metrodome the very next day less than 17 hours later.
I asked if it was possible to clean up all that dirt in that short of time and somone told “Oh yeah. They’ll work overnight and have it cleaned up by morning.”