Monster with most songs written about?

Does anyone know which monster has had the most songs written about him/her? Dracula, the mummy, Frankenstein, witches?

Also, does anyone know an easy way to look up the date that a song came out?

Go to All Music and look up the song by title.

Well this one has been hanging out there for a while & no one took a swing at the first part yet so…

You should define a few terms. Which ‘monsters’ are we counting? If you want to count ‘witch’ do you also want to count songs where the “girlfriend who done me wrong” is a witch metaphorically? Do you want to count Blacula soundtrack tracks and Sesame Street’s Count von Count as Dracula? How about foreign songs, or ones in other languages? Ookie spooky instrumentals with monsters in the title - do they count?

Even after you answer these Qs it’s still hard to get an answer. The Golden Age of the Halloween monster track was in the late 50s-early 60s and many of those were rip-off “Monster Mash”-type tracks by studio bands or bands using pseudonyms released on hundreds of small regional labels at atime when we still had those. Only the tiniest % of those would I expect to show up in the usual mainstream music databases. (And what do you do with a track like “Monster Mash” that name drops a lot of monsters? Count (no pun intended) it for all of them?)

The best I can suggest, what with Halloween coming up, is that I can check some of the Usenet music geek areas where people share tracks (I know board policy frowns on this so no links, I’ll just report #s) , throw some keywords in & see how many tracks I get with the ‘major monsters’ in the title. This is exactly the right time of year for that to “work” to whatever extent it does. Far from scientific and only in English, but it might give you a very general idea. I’m at work now & have to do this from home so give me a day or two. If anyone else has an approach
they think might work I’m curious as well.

How many songs did John Lenon write about Yoko?

Thanks Crandolf… Terms… Just an established monster. I’ll leave out aliens. The witch counts in the same way the werewolf or the mummy does. It’s a Halloween standard. I guess it would be hard to find a certain answer.

And thanks for the link, Mr. Blue Sky, although I couldn’t find the song I was looking for on there maybe it will be helpful in the future.

What’s the name of the song?

AFAIK, there’s only been one song written about the one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people-eater.

Beyond that, it’s tough to find something like this as a song about say, a rampaging mummy, might be called “The Rampage” rather than “The Rampaging Mummy” requiring you to attempt some sort of search on lyrics, which gets to be nearly impossible.

Not sure. How many songs have you people written about me? :wink:

A bit of google hit counting yields:

witch lyrics 4,100,000
ghost lyrics 2,720,000
vampire lyrics 2,290,000
dragon lyrics 2,130,000
Godzilla lyric 530,000
mummy lyrics 508,000
troll lyrics 407,000
Cecil lyrics 358,000
King Kong lyrics 324,000
medusa lyrics 304,000
werewolf lyrics 210,000
warlock lyrics 210,000
orc lyrics 128,000
Cthulhu lyrics 103,000
harpy lyrics 51,200
purple people eater lyrics 27,600
mothra lyrics 24,000
fenris lyrics 23,900
manticore lyrics 20,800
Ouroboros lyrics 14,200
goatsucker lyrics 1,820
Azathoth lyrics 595
Ed Zotti lyrics 201

Hardly definative, but there are a lot more references to witches and lyrics than there are to lyrics with ghosts or vampires.

Rhymability perhaps?

And how could you forget the Headless Horseman? :stuck_out_tongue:

what? no zombies?

demon lyrics 2,800,000
zombie lyrics 1,560,000
succubus lyrics 71,800
boogie man lyrics 68,500
kraken lyrics 27,800
headless horseman lyrics 12,800

There is the infamous Tenacious D Sasquatch song.

The google count is meaningless because it doesn’t denote unique songs about whatever. Ten thousand hits on a thousand different witch songs isn’t the same as ten thousand hits on B.Ö.C.'s song Godzilla

Not meaningless, it represents an upper limit.

Tell me how there might be more Ed Zotti songs than warlock songs?

In that case, it looks like I need to hijack jack this thread into a

Bum, bum, bum…
(Wait for it…)

Oh, and it seems that Ultrasonica made a sonng of the same name, though I can’t understand the lyrics.

Well, there are a ton of Halloween songs/playlists on Usenet. Many titles are repeated, a flaw I forgot about in the search engine I use for that purpose. It’s a little better than Googling in that I’m only getting sound files of songs, but not much (I think there are also a few horror sound effect files mixed in that aren’t songs).

Also many songs don’t indicate from the title (“Scary Night” or “Haunted House” or “Weird”) which monsters, if any, appear in the lyric (if there is one, which I can only determine in some cases by listening to all of the songs).

I’m afraid this is a huge labor-intensive project with a yield of questionable accuracy. We might never know…

And, of course, even if the lyrics have the name of the monster in it, it may not be about the monster, or vice versa. (To use a superhero example, I’m farily certain that the song “Kryptonite” isn’t about Superman, but an ordinary mortal struggling with his limitations.)

Och! Nae wee Nessie? Fra’ shaaaaame!
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