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Well, gee. I guess I miss out on the graduating senior trip, called the “fuckfest” by some of my friends. This means I have nothing to do this summer. This is the mundane and pointless part.

Now, since I’m not doing anything in California until the NoCal/SoCal fest, I geuss I’ll have to think of something to do. My plan: ROAD TRIP! That’s right, if I get the money, and a car, I’m probably going to be traveling with a few friends around the country. Now, I’ve got a couple places in mind (remember, I’ll be 18 by this time), places like Florida and Chicago.

Now, this is all preliminary, and has a great chance of falling apart, but what other places would make good pit stops? (Note: I’ve rarely traveled outside of CA, and never have I gone somewhere by myself).

Some suggestions:[list][li]Canyon de Chelly[/li]
[li]The Grand Canyon[/li]
[li]Sedona Redrock and Walnut Canyon in Winona[/li]
[li]Zion and Bryce Canyon in Utah[/li]
[li]The Hoover Dam tour[/li]
[li]The Sequoia tall trees[/li]
[li]The coastlines of California and Oregon[/li]
[li]The Avenue of the Giants[/li]
[li]The Olympic Rain Forest in Washington State[/li]
The Grand Tetons

I remember being that young and naive. Ah, the memories… but a lifetime of pain and misery has left me a twisted, cynical old man.

I would definitely go to New York. And of course to Florida to visit me and Tasha.

Don’t forget to get ideas from this website:
Roadside America - your online guide to offbeat tourist attractions

If you’re on a budget, I would suggest making a list of national parks you want to visit (Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, etc…) and check those out. As long as you have a tent and don’t mind camping out, that should be a cheap and fun vacation.

I was going to mention Las Vegas, but since you’re barely eighteen, I will on the contrary urge to stay away from that abode of sin and suggest Salt Lake City instead. :smiley:

Says Monster

Feeling left out, lonely and limp? Attend a local Dopefest!!

How did I know that mentioning sex in a thread would somehow draw ChiefScott?

I want to go to Vegas, New York, Miami, and Chicago. I’m also looking for interesting places in other States that I don’t remember. I’m gonna be checking out the site Arnold provided.

What kind of stuff is there to visit in the Midwest?

Visit DC! Visit DC!


Let me know if you pass through Kentucky.

I don’t live there–but someone dear to me does. It’d be mega-magically awesome if I could use you as my personal courier. :wink:
[dopefest plug]I hope I see you at the LA Fest tomorrow. :slight_smile: It’d be a shame for the person who initiated it not to show up![/dopefest plug]

Yes, visit DC!

Actually, a friend and I had a plan to visit attend a baseball game at every single major league ballpark on a big roadtrip after the graduating high school. Never happened. I’m still bitter. 'Course, it was only three years ago, so I suppose I have time to get over it still.

Hey, that last post was my 100th and I didn’t even notice. Do I get a prize?

For my 100th post of course, not for being unobservant :smiley:

Try to avoid Nebraska. Your car could break down and you could be forced to LIVE THERE FOREVER AND EVER!

Shit, don’t scare me like that…Nebraska was never on my list in the first place.