Montfort and Anniz make their TV debut!

I was watching the TV last night an saw a commercial for a long distance phone service.

A lovely, young woman with a Scandinavian accent is talking on the phone doing some things around the house. As she goes through her chores, a male voice-over (supposed to be her lover who calls her from afar many times a day) intones such deliriously sappy sentements as:

“I love when you empty the dishwasher.”
“I love when you floss.”

The kicker? She’s asleep in bed with the phone still to her ear…

“I love when you breath through your mouth.”

If you’ve seen it, did you immediately think of our cutest trans-Atlantic couple?

Very funny, Scott. Thing is, the commercial got it backwards. I called Anniz at 2.30am last night, right after she woke up.

I was the one who was asleep with the phone stuck to my ear, not the gorgeous Scandinavian-accented woman.

Which commercial was this?

And, are you going to make any mid-Atlantic Dopefests this spring? Someone wants to meet you…

Yep, you’re right there,
I want to meet the famous ChiefScott.
So if you have any time between Mars the 10 - May the 12
let us know, okay?
And I hope I see that comersel when I’m over there.

If you guarantee me some changing (no, not with her!), I’ll be there with bells on… and little else!

I think it’s for AT&T long distance. I couln’t help thinking of youze guyz.

As to Dopefests… Actually, when we get back, I’ve got to move off the ship 'cause we’ll be heading to the yards. Since I may not be able to get home to see Skirm, I may pop into Raleigh next weekend if I can find a place to crash.

Damn, that free Holland LSD!

Jeez, Scott, you’re the sailor, and you need me to help you get changed!?!

And, Raleigh is the 10th, when I’ll be picking Anniz in Newark, NJ.

E-mail me a list of the Dopefests you and your lady will be attending.

I promise to attend at least one.

Hey Chief-babe, you should come up for the St. Pat’s Dopefest! I can’t guarantee you any action, but I can guarantee an ex-sailor to talk trash with and possibly (if Lucretia and Bluesman make it) a zoomie to make fun of.

We are having a dopefest on March 10th here, and there is always someone willing to put up with…err…I mean put you up, you know that. :smiley:

I assume your talking of the Raleigh shindig, dear?

If so, I’m planning on attending. Should my schedule on Friday loosten up, I want to shoot home to see my son.


We haven’t figured things out yet, but I’m hoping to reschedule the PhillyDope one we missed in January.

Watch this space…