Montfort and Anniz: The Wedding

Mazeltov! :slight_smile:

Congratulations and best of luck.

If you think I’m gonna be ogling your CD collection, you’re sadly, sadly mistaken. :wink:

Valkyrie, the Tzeroling and I send you all our best wishes for the wedding. I’ll be online at least - hopefully my stanky Presario with its 56k modem will be able to hold out long enough to play the whole show.

Congratulations, you two!

How nice of you to invite us. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, and many happy returns!

best wishes. i’ll try to tune in.

have a great time in vegas!

This humble and lowly newbie would like to extend her most hearty congratulations, and her sincere wishes for a fulfilling and long-lasting marriage!

And please say hello to Elvis for me, we had such a lovely conversation last Groundhog day in the produce section at Foodmart…

Have a big piece of blue suede cake for me. Congrats!!!

Congrats, you two! Best wishes for a wonderful life together.

That is sooo great! I am thrilled for you two!:slight_smile: My your love grow even fuller in time like the complexity of a fine wine! If I were in Vegas I would go out to shake your hands and congratulate you, but I’m in KC on vacation! :confused:

Have fun while you’re there you two!

Thanks again everyone.[smile]
And Whammo it would have been cool to meet you.[smile]
It’s morning now and still some hours before we leave,
the flight goes at 8 something in the evening,
and I feel a bit stressed about that now,
so scared of flying.
But luckily I have company of Montfort
A hug to everyone,

So how does this work? If preacher Elvis says "does anyone object to this man marrying this woman? we e-mail him…Instant message him, or what to say “I Object!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

mIRC channel #straightdopewedding . . . he’ll be “Elvis_P”.

Probably you should PM him unless you want the Holy Wrath of Montfort[sup]TM[/sup].

My boss asked me the exact same question yesterday at work, as I was packing up for taking the weekend off.

I told him I will be slipping Elvis an extra $20 so that question won’t be asked. :slight_smile:

Since we’re on page 2 now, I’m going to re-post the relevant links to view the wedding from the OP:
[ul][li]The wedding chapel[/li][li]Their streaming video page[/li][li]Their boring-static-image-only web cam[/li][li]My web site with all of the above information, in detail, if you need help viewing the wedding[/li][*]RealPlayer[/ul]Thanks everyone!

bump for all the Cecil-come-latelies - the knot-tying is today, and we should represent!

Too late - I just Paypalled them $50 (I love making new verbs!) to make sure it gets back in. :slight_smile:


So what time would this wedding be in Texas ?

I wonder if they will say “Hi dopers” ?

May you two have a lifetime of happiness. With all the dopers getting married these days I think Cecil should start having to give the brides away, or at least send gifts. ::runs away ::

Ten minutes to go, boys and girls…

Wonder when they stop running the infomercial…

Damnit. I can’t get into a lab that has sound.

But at least I have connection . . . albeit on a pc where the mouse has one button and alt-tab does nothing.

That’s right, I’m posting from a Mac!

Okay, so I’m still not seeing the lovely couple on realplayer. is something wrong?

I keep closing Real player and refreshing the page and still get the infomercial. I had it once in the chapel, but the stream stopped and when I restarted it…back to the infomercial. I wanna see!