Montfort and Anniz: The Wedding

Yes, folks, it’s almost time. The lovely Anniz and I are getting married this weekend.

Sunday afternoon, actually. Sunday afternoon at 1.30 Pacific time, to be specific. For those on the East coast of the US, that’s 4.30pm. For those of you in Europe, it’ll be 10.30pm.

We’re getting married at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel on the Strip in Las Vegas. Yes, Elvis will be performing our wedding.

The nice thing about the VLV Chapel is that they do live webcasting of their weddings, so everyone can and is invited to watch. All you need is RealPlayer and to click this link to get to the page for viewing the wedding.

We’ve also created this page on my web site to give all the necessary information people will need to view the wedding. For those without RealPlayer, there’s also a standard web cam that doesn’t have video or audio (so you won’t get to hear Elvis sing “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” “Love Me Tender,” and “Viva Las Vegas” to us).

The wedding should be pretty short, less than fifteen minutes long, so I’m glad we’re getting a video tape so we can remember it. Of course, we’ll have pictures galore, and the webcast will be archived on their site (and ours) for future cyber-viewings.

We’re welcoming all to view it and to celebrate with us. As for a Dopefest, we’re moving to a new apartment in October and sometime after we’ve settled in we’ll invite all our DC Doper friends over to drink our beer and ogle my CD collection.


That is so neat!

Thanks for making it possible for us to share your happy day.


[sup]Ok, I can’t resist… Awwwwwwww[/sup]

Congratulations and good luck, guys! :smiley:

Congratulations and best wishes!

A Scottish wedding blessing:

May joy and peace surround you both,
Contentment latch your door,
and happiness be with you now and God bless you evermore.


That is so wonderful! Many blessings to you both.

Best wishes for a wonderful wedding from Sanibel! I hope you guys have a great one, and a great life with each other from this time on.

I’ll try to watch! :slight_smile:

No, seriously, Montfort, I know we like to go at it here, no matter what sports season it is – but I honestly think you’re a pretty cool cat.

Congrats on the wedding, good luck to both you and Anniz, and have fun in Vegas.

Congrats, Y’all!

I hope you have a Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love honeymoon and that your beginning together can hardly contain yourselves.

Cheers and Muy Glee!

If the chaplian croons “Are You Lonesome Tonight”, you have my permission to deck him.
[Goddamn itchy “Sumbit” button trigger finger. Let me also add- Congratulations! Felicita! And other happy words I don’t know how to spell. -JMCJ]

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Okay . . . you know how diehard a Braves fan I am. You know this, I know this, and probably half of friggin’ MPSIMS knows this.

If the Phillies win and the Braves lose on Sunday I will not be disappointed. In your honor.

Wouldn’t want baseball to ruin an otherwise lovely day;)

Oh, and good luck and everything, too . . .

I know that I’m going to be putting some money on the Eagles/Seahawks game that starts 15 minutes before the wedding. But, I didn’t think of betting on the Phillies/Braves the. I wonder if I can get some good odds on the Phils winning the division… :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks everyone!

that’s so cool.

I love love.

Congratulations, and good luck, and all that other stuff!

I’ll be watching this Sunday, with the rest.

Wow! It seems like only yesterday…or last week…I was offering my services to take pictures (photographs wink, wink) and now y’all are gettig married.

Congrats you two!

Montfort, buddy, friend of mine (guy who gave me a ride to a dopefest about a year ago), I love you and all, so I hope you’ll understand me when I say this to you:

I can’t bear the thought of taking money away from you . . . even if it is due to the Phillies losing the division to the Braves.

::running like a bat out of Hell::

Congratulations, you two!


How can I buy a copy of the wedding video?

Good luck and best wishes to you both.

Right on! Big congrats to the both of you! :slight_smile: