Montfort and Anniz: The Wedding

This is so cool! Oh my gosh. All my best to both of you.

What fabulous news! :slight_smile:

I don’t know you guys, but I just got married last month so I feel a certain kinship. Congrats and Hatt Baby!

I think that we should all participate in this wedding. At the appropriate time, all the guys should be in tuxes and all the women should be wearing foofy dresses with big butt bows and dyed-to-match shoes.
Whaddya say, Dopers?!?
I’m not kidding!!

Who let all those crickets in here?!?

[sub]Buncha party poopers…[/sub]

Best of everything to you both, Montfort and Anniz!! May this be the start of a wonderful happily ever after!

Congratulations! I shall be watching on Sunday. How fabulous!

You know the scary thing, FCM? I could almost do just that. My sister is getting married 2 weeks from Sunday, so the big foofy dress is ready. It’s just up at my mom’s! :slight_smile:
Congrats and good luck in the rest of your shared lives, Montfort and Anniz! I’ll buy a bottle of champagne and toast you at the appropriate time.

[sub]And I will not cry. I will not cry. I do not cry at weddings![/sub]

Is that 10.30 central Europe time or GMT?

Ya know, I’ve been in enough weddings that I have a nice collection of “Big-Butt-Bow” dresses hanging in the basement. I could outfit at least 5 or 6 of the girls. Count me in!

Big-Butt-Bows! :smiley:

Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Central Europe Time.

9.30 GMT.

Thanks again, everyone! I hope you can watch!

I’m glad now I came back to read this week. Congratulations, and I wish you all the best. I hope Anniz adjusts to life in the land of the Great Satan in Clouds of Sulfur ( :smiley: ) perfectly, and that the two of you are happy and healthy. I hope I can get on the webcast to see; I’m certainly going to try.


Congrats & Best Wishes!

What an imaginative way to share your wedding - thanks for thinking of us!

Congrats! Wish you both the best!

Good Luck ya’ll!

No way, FCM - I didn’t wear a tux for my own wedding!

Congrats, Michael and Anniz - I’ll be watching y’all on Sunday! :slight_smile:

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Congratulations, you two. I could not be more pleased.

Having dopers in that day, I bet we’re all tuned in.

Thank you all.:slight_smile:
And cool if you can watch it.
I can’t wait to meet Elvis.
Opsss, that was cloose that I spelled it meat.:wink:
But most I can’t wait to be your wife Montfort.
Jag älskar dej så mycket.

Woo! I like happiness. Happiness is good. All my best to you both.


You realize, of course, that we’ll have to commemorate this astounding event at the Halloween party.

Congratulations to you both. I’ve said it before…getting married was the best thing I ever did.

I posted my good wishes for you in your engagement announcement thread.

That’s the last time I post while talking on the phone. :o

Go look at 'em, I’ll wait. . .


Bitchin’! Congrats and good wishes to both of you.

Regardless of who I end up marrying, I want the civil service to be in conducted in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator too. Tell me how everything goes, and I might be considering the Viva Las Vegas Chapel when the big day comes!