Monthly bills > income, and income is about to be reduced. Fuck.

With the exception that you might want to keep one at least somewhat up to date so you have access to it for emergencies.

I missed this thread when it came up, but found it just now when searching for your latest (as a friend’s husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer - merry fucking Thanksgiving indeed - and that reminded me to check on you).

The “about to go on disability” implying “cancer worse” is not happy news :frowning:

Look into whether there are charities (or utility-run programs) that might help with keeping the lights on. A food bank might help with the grocery bills - and I would hope you’d be eligible for SNAP if you’re approved for disability.

Definitely look into Chapter 7 (or 11 or 13, whichever one is for people vs corporations) bankruptcy. A very large percentage of people filing are doing so because of job loss and/or staggering medical bills. There’s absolutely no shame. The credit card companies build that kind of projected loss into their interest rates. The reduction in stress, worrying about how to pay those bills, will be a huge tonic for you.