Montreal radio CKOI talk jock impersonates Sarkozy to Palin!

Did anyone see this? CBC link

CNN had video link with an audio playback of the call which I can’t find now. But she appears not to have realized she was being fooled until the end.

The disk jockey went on about how he’d like to go hunting, and Palin responded enthusiastically until he mentioned doing it from a helicopter. I think this is when the penny dropped, as it were. She wound up by saying, “I’ll have to let you go now”, sounding quite deflated.
Well, at least he was a French speaking Canadian! :smiley:

I saw it. Things like this make me cringe. I get embarrassed for the prankee.

But really, how could you fall for this? You would think that aids would ask for a number and call back after verifying said number. To just automatically believe that it was Sarkozy without checking seems ludicrous to me.

Oh, this is so Saturday night :smiley:

Since this is being covered in the Pit, and also in GD, I’m going to lock this one.