Sarah Palin- Election Present for Obama Supporters from Canada

You are gonna have to open up this present, and you don’t have to wait till the election.

Election Present

Thanks. I wish we could see a transcript or her the audio already. I can’t believe they actually got through to her. I just wish they weren’t waiting until monday to release the tape.

Where/when will it be posted somewhere?

(I know it’s totally unrelated, but did anyone else sort of hear Palin telling the interviewer that the front fell off?)

It’s already posted on their website, Les Justiciers Masqués.

It’s getting hammered right now, though - it’ll probably be a while before it’s being reliably served up again.
Ninja edit: here ya go -

Here is a youtube video of it

I feel a little sorry for Palin in this as I sure as hell have no idea who Johnny Hallyday, Stef Carse, or Richard Z. Sirois are. I would doubt it if you could find many Americans who do know them.

That said, I know that Stef Carse(whoever that is) isn’t the Prime Minister of Canada and it’s pretty disturbing that Palin doesn’t.

Good ghod… That’s truly stunning.

Bonus points for gratuitous use of the word “Belgium”, though.

Gaaah! She said PUNDINTS!

What was the name of the Carla Bruni song? Something something under a pig? 4:02.

“I liked the documentary on your life – 'ustler’s Nailin’ Palin. It was edgy.”

In fairness, I think she had some trouble understanding the fake accent, but still, it should have become fairly obvious to her fairly quickly that she was not talking to Nicolas Sarkozy. She didn’t sound like she was even suspicious and she was totally taken by surpise when they told her she’d been pranked.

I have a feeling somebody got chewed a new asshole for letting Palin get on the phone with these guys.

It is both funny and sad. Sometimes, this woman pisses me off so much I think she deserves all this and more (anytime “terrorist” comes out of her mouth). Other times, I really feel bad for her. Even telling myself that she could have turned down the ticket doesn’t really help.

I’ll bet you’re right. Someone is off the campaign plane and taking a taxi home tonight.

Also, if anyone speaks French, could you translate the song for us?

I’m not sure if this an example of epic stupidity on the part of the McCain campaign, or if its a case of people in the campaign trying to fork the bitch they feel has forked them. World leaders do not just “happen” to call somebody. These things are elaborately choreographed, with lots of calls from one party to another, not only to verify that it is indeed who it is supposed to be, but also to make sure that both Very Important People have a free moment in which to talk.

If, somehow, the guys managed to BS their way through all of that, without getting caught, then my hat’s off to them, because they’re clearly some first class bullshitters and are wasting their talents by not going into politics. If, however, the McCain campaign was so desperate to take the call because they thought that it would give her some cred and didn’t bother going through the vetting process, then they should have somebody standing right by her, punching names into Google to make sure they were who they said they were (Palin also should have been saying the names given to her out load, along with their titles, since there probably wasn’t anyone on her side listening into the phone call). I don’t seem to recall Obama getting pranked like this, and I’m sure people have tried.

“Lipstick on a Pig”, of course.

I feel sorry for her. I’m not a fan of practical jokes.

Practical jokers should be defenstrated into Vlad the Impaler’s courtyard.

Personal feelings aside, I have to agree with those who wonder at the competence of a campaign which allowed this to happen.

A bit of both I would say :

(bolding mine)

They got through the Secret Service ?

Why are the Secret Service screening calls?

What if these comediennes were terrorists ?

Me too. I mean, I don’t mind if somebody pranks me for April Fools or something as a giggle, but I don’t like setups where somebody deliberately tries to fool somebody in order to publicly mock them for having been fooled.

I tried to listen to the recording in the link, but I couldn’t stand it and had to stop as soon as “Sarkozy” started talking. I don’t mind mercilessly ridiculing Palin for any and every stupid mistake she makes in her public appearances, and I do think that if she were better-informed about political issues it would be harder to prank her, but I just don’t feel right about making fun of her for silly mistakes that somebody deliberately and deceitfully entrapped her into making.

I mean, I think a little slapstick humor is funny in the proper context too, but if some prankster pulled down Obama’s pants duing one of his public appearances, I wouldn’t go look at the pictures of that. (Um, well, okay, to be totally honest, maybe I would, but it wouldn’t be to make fun of him.)

Word. Were some campaign workers just pissed off at her so that they thought it would be funny to let her make a fool of herself in a prank phone call, without realizing that the pranksters were going to publicize the result to this extent? If so, I bet they are so fired.

Imagine having to explain to prospective employers that you got fired from the freakin’ Palin campaign.

There wasn’t a trace of deceit in that call. Anybody with an IQ above room temperature would have been able to detect the tugging at their leg before being required to formulate the first reply.

There was nothing sly or subtle about the pranking - it’s “deceptive” in the same way that a pair of joke Groucho Marx glasses are deceptive. I get that it may be impolitic to assume that someone with an over-the-top comic accent is kidding, after all maybe the president of Russia’s accent really does in no way resemble a Russian accent - maybe it’s some sort of speech impediment that nobody had ever mentioned. I can just barely accept that an American governor might not know the name of the actual premiere of Quebec, but to not blink when a well-publicized pornographic film is characterized as your own “biography” – come on.

I guess there’s a little pity there. The sort of pity one feels for people who are born that way. A little pity for the Alaskan electorate, and a little less for the GOP.

It’s spread pretty damned thin, though.

It serves the public to expose her for just how slow she really is. This person might end up being one 72 year-old ticker away from being President of the United States. That is clearly a responsibility she should never be handed.

I guarantee this wouldn’t have happened to Biden.