Monty Python 1971 "ad" for Birds Eye Peas

In 1971, Monty Python made an ad/video for Birds Eye Peas. I posted it on another thread for a different reason, but I realized I should post it for all to see. The video and sound quality aren’t great, and most of the jokes will be familiar, but…it’s Monty Python.

(I first saw the video on an Apple-friendly website, The Loop.)

Thank you. That was interesting and a little odd. One wonders why Birdseye would have commissioned it, and if what they got was what they expected. It is not Python at their best (as you say, a lot of the jokes seem to be recycled, lightly adapted, from the regular show, and I am not sure they are really giving it their all) but it does seem to be genuine Python from their heyday, and I for one had no idea this existed.