Ben and Jerry's Vermonty Python

Okay, so I just tried Ben and Jerry’s Vermonty Python.

Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream
Chocolate Cookie Crumb Swirl
Fudge Cows

Damn tasty Ice Cream, but gotta say I’m a pretty big Monty Python fan and I just don’t get it. Why Coffee Liqueur and Chocolate Cookie Crumbs? Is it a very vague and clever reference that I’m missing?

Now the little cow-shaped chocolate pieces, that’s a “Fetchez la Vache!” reference. Maybe not entirely obvious, but the artwork on the Ice Cream tub shows cows falling from the sky as if they had been catapulted, they fall all around amidst a Gilliam styled drawing of a Grail. So, yes, once placed in context the cows are a valid Monty Python reference.

I would, however, save the cows for a Far Side Ice Cream. For Monty Python, maybe little chocolate parrots would be better.

So, if Ben and Jerry had first consulted with you, how would you have suggested an appropriate Monty Python themed Ice Cream?

I’d use Vanilla Ice Cream, just because it makes a nice “blank canvass”.
Let’s keep the parrot-shaped chocolate pieces idea,
add some Crunchy Frog
and just a sliver of a Mint.

I think the flavor is precedent to the gimmick. No mattter what you do, you need a new and delicious flavor, the Python tribute and marketing probably came antecedent. Chocolate chunks become chocolate cows.

They had a great new chocolate coffee ice cream flavor in R&D. They applied it… I would have done gummi snakes and chocolate covered spam chunks in chocolate peanut butter ice cream, but that’s me.

I know I’ve been looking for an ice cream containing potted meat food product for a long time.

I just wish they would bring Holy Canolli (sp?) back … that was fantastic ice cream.

Don’t they still sell that in Antioch? In a small metal canister? :smiley:

And don’t forget Ram’s Bladder Cup: We use choicest juicy chunks of fresh Cornish ram’s bladder, emptied, steamed, flavoured with sesame seeds, whipped into a fondue and garnished with lark’s vomit.

And Cockroach Cluster, Anthrax Ripple, and Spring Surprise, covered with darkest creamy chocolate. When you pop it into your mouth steel bolts spring out and plunge straight through both cheeks.

How about Gammy Leg?

Seriously, it’s hard to come up with a Python food reference that’s not disgusting, isn’t it?

How about All the Gold I Could Eat - french vanilla ice cream with a caramel ripple and chunks of blondie?

Maybe Venezuelan Beaver Cheesecake.

They must have discontinued some other flavor that use the little chocolate cows and had a big supply left over. They’ve used them in a couple of other good flavors - I thought the cows were just a “Mmmm, milk/ice cream/Vermont” reference, myself. They have cows on the cartons, don’t they? They used to.

Bovine Divinity was recently discontiued and did have little chocolate cows, so that might be a good guess.

Some of the flavor/name combos make more sense then others.

Holy crap that Bannana and Rum one is good though. They could all it “piss and vinegar” and it would still be good.

But it probably wouldn’t sell quite as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I wanted to say that my guess is that they still had the moulds for chocolate cows from Bovinity Divinity, so that´s why cows were the choice for this flavor.

You can send in flavors to be ressureccted from the “Flavor Graveyard” at Ben and Jerry’s .com (sound on site… LOUD sound on site).

I was part of a successful campaign to bring back both White Russian and From Russia with Buzz… for a short time, anyway.

Or “Strawberry Tart Without So Much Rat In It”?

Baked Beans

Albatross? What flavour is it?

Why spoil perfectly good icecream? :wally

It’s bleedin’ Albatross flavour, isn’t it?!

I’ll take my Vermonty Python with a twist of lemming, if you please.

Baked beans are off.

I love ice cream, but Ben and Jerry just put too damn much crap into it: “Vanilla, chocolate and coffee ice cream with nuts, gummy bears, chocolate chips, lima beans, thumbtacks, and swirls of fudge, strawberry and chicken gravy!” Give me a one-flavor ice cream, maybe with one swirl or some kinda chips. Not both. Ruins the “bouquet.”

Speaking of trendy new flavors, has anyone seen SpongeBob SquarePants ice cream? I don’t know what’s in it, but I cannot see eating an ice cream with the words “sponge” and “pants” in its name.