So, what name would you give a Ben & Jerry's ice cream made with human breast milk?

Those who you who follow the antics of those crazy cats over at PETA might have heard that they’re asking Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to stop using cows’ milk, and instead to make ice cream from human breast milk.

PETA News Release

What i wanted to know is whether we could come up with a good name for the new flavor, in the tradition of Ben & Jerry’s labelling practices. We have Cherry Garcia, Phish Food, Chubby Hubby, Half Baked, etc. If they decided to take PETA up on its challenge, what would the new ice cream be called.

You can create a name that relies only on the presence of breast milk for its appeal, or you can choose to add other ingrediaents and work them into the name, if you like.

I haven’t thought of anything myself yet, and i’m about to go to bed. Hopefully by the time i get up in the morning, some East coast and overseas Dopers will have come up with some good suggestions.

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“Witch’s teat” sounds appropriate.

Titty Fruitti?

I wonder if “Tale of Two Titties” would be too long…

or perhaps melon is the best euphemism, since it supposedly tastes like melon juice? Hmm. I would actually try such an ice cream.

“Like Mother Used to Make”?

Sweet Mammories

Momma’s Cream Delight.


Ben & Jerry’s Booby Hatch- Double Cream, Real Vanilla, Mother’s Milk Icecream with a swirl of Nursery Nuggets and Frumunda Cheesecake.

Nipple Ripple

Everything I come up with sounds suspiciously like a porn title. :frowning:
Maybe if they made regional flavours, one could be Breast Western? Ya know, cowgirls instead of cows…

And not to derail the thread, but are those bozos serious? I mean, how are they even thinking B&J’s should acquire enough… donations/donors? Will there be machinated milking, or should they do it by hand? Somehow, both seems wrong.

Knockers Knuklear

Shouldn’t that be Pail of Two Titties? :stuck_out_tongue:

Other trendy brands could follow suit - who wouldn’t a quick lick of Newman’s Humans?

PETA Shut Your Festering Gobs You Tits![sup]TM[/sup]


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D Cup Sup?

Mary Dairy

Grossey de Leche

Areola Cola